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A cart recovery solution you always wished you had. Now send different campaigns to different segments and cart properties like 'People with High Margin Products,' 'Loyal Customers, ' 'Never Purchased,' and properties like Cart Size, Cart Value, etc. to recover abandoned carts with ease. know more

Every customer is unique. But they still get the same, static experience. Not anymore. Segment your customers based on their demographics, purchase, browsing behaviour, intent, social influence etc. and create highly personalised experience for them in real time. know more

Deliver unique promo codes to every user across multiple channels. Use anti-gaming technology to prevent promo code abuse. Enable real-time promo code tracking to get detailed insights of the performance. know more

Predictive Engagement - Know before they ask! Be there for your site visitors and customers at all times. Increase customer satisfaction levels by responding to customer support tickets on the go. Discover the power of CRM integrated with live chat. Hear better, sell more. know more

An easy-to-use Campaign Design Editor which vastly eases creating designs for your various campaigns, that too, across channel. Create beautiful, device responsive designs with rich elements using the single click drag-and-drop tool in under few minutes. know more

Recommend products to users they are most likely to purchase based on their actions. Machine learning predicts a user affinity to different products based on trends created out of purchase behavior and activities of a similar user group. know more

Actionable insights for e-commerce which tells you exactly what needs to be done. We have designed analytics to give you the information you need to run your business effectively. Get a bird's eye view or drill down into every single channel and make decision at the speed you have always wanted. know more

Descriptive to Predictive analytics at your fingertips. Analytics module that helps you build charts and dashboards without the need to code. Drag and drop query builder. Create charts and dashboards, group, share and download reports. know more

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"I love Betaout for the ability to easily create customer segments and then personalize and automate our marketing. Their support is top-notch and they have great templates for emails."

Goonjan Mall
Founder at Online Prasad

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"We've been using Betaout for quite some time now to get a better understanding of our customers and to stay connected with them using email and other forms of engagement."

Srishti Kush
Product Manager at Sheroes

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"Betaout is an amazing product. My marketing team loves it. Would highly recommend them to any ecommerce company who wants to build long lasting relationship with their customer base."

Ankur Malhotra
AVP-Marketing at PayTM

Efficient Automation

"Betaout has been quite useful in improving efficiency of the campaigns we run on different channels, the segmentation and automation features they have are really helpful."

Shrey Sehgal
Founder at Flower Aura

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