7x Your Popup Conversions with These 10 Copywriting Tips

When people talk about popups they talk about its design, offer, and timing. Most marketers forget to mention one very important element, “ copy.” While that may seem like a small part of your popup, it plays a crucial role in grabbing your visitors’ attention and encouraging them to click on it. It’s a marketer’s ticket to getting better conversions from their popups. Below are ten copywriting tricks to improve your popups copy and boost your popup conversions:

1. Keep it short

You have heard this advice while writing your email copy, subject line or for that matter any other copy for the web. The rule holds true for popup copy too. Visitors typically give a quick glance to pop up before closing it. Your copy needs to be brief and compelling (especially the headline) to capture their attention in a split second.

2. Use pun to your advantage

With attention span becoming shorter and shorter, grabbing eyeballs is no easy task. Adding humor is an excellent way to draw your visitors’ attention – especially if you’re using it in header copy.

The online shoe retailer, Zooshoo has used humor with a quirky headline to draw its visitors attention. Here’s an example:

When using pun remember not to overdo it, or it can backfire you.

3. Convey the benefit

While a great headline is a must to grab visitors’ attention, the key to the success of any popup lies in how effectively you have conveyed your message. Your copy needs to be concise and should communicate the benefits in as few words as possible. So, keep your popup copy short, sweet, and to the point. Here’s an example to show you how:


The copy quickly makes it crystal clear why visitors should shop with them.

4. Create a sense of urgency

You might have a compelling design, attractive offer, and a well-written popup copy. But sometimes this doesn’t translate into clicking. One effective way to encourage people to click on your popups is to add urgency in the copy. Urgency is a powerful psychological motivator and will instigate your visitors to take action quickly. Given below is an example to show you how to add urgency to your copy:

5. Make it relevant

It’s no secret that people don’t like popups, and a great many will just ignore and close your popups without taking a look at it. To capture their attention, you need to go beyond just displaying a well-designed pop-up with a good offer. You need to make it relevant. How? By segmenting your audience and personalizing your copy. For example, you can show different messages depending on whether the person is a new visitor or a repeat visitor or you can customize it depending on the source he has come from.

6. Capture attention with questions

Just as asking questions in email subject line is a good way to get a response, questions are effective in popup header too. Asking question in your header is a good way to pique visitors’ curiosity and encourage them to check your message.

For example, instead of using “join our email list and get 10% off” say “do you want to save 10% on your first purchase?”

7. Use a conversational tone

One way to improve your popup copy is to make it conversational. Engage your visitors instead of telling them to do something and they’ll pay extra attention to your message. Using a conversational tone will resonate more with your shoppers and will increase your conversions.

8. Use personalization

The only way to humanize your marketing is to personalize every interaction. Now by personalization, we don’t mean using the first name in the copy. What we mean is using words like “you,” “your” in your copy.

When we read words like ‘you,’ we feel that it’s explicitly written for us. It gives us a feeling of connection and compels us to take action.

9. Create a feeling of exclusivity

If you want your visitors to take action make them feel special. Infuse your copy with words that promote exclusivity. When visitors feel that by taking action they’ll get something not everyone has access to they’re more likely to act. Given below is an example from James Allen:

10. A/B test every element of your copy

When it comes to popup copy, every element has the ability to affect your conversion rates. So make sure you A/B test every element of your copy – header copy, body copy, and CTA copy, separately.

Testing every element separately will allow you to find out what works best for you and will help you create a better more optimized one next time. Sometimes even the slightest change like altering your call to action copy can make a big difference.



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