3 Data-Driven Emails Every E-commerce Marketer Should Be Sending

email marketing campaigns

Every email marketer hopes that its subscribers’ open and read his emails, but the sad reality is that not every email gets opened. One of the biggest reasons for people not opening or reading an email is because the message they received isn’t relevant to them and doesn’t add any value to their inbox.

So how can you make your emails more relevant?

Using data marketers can create emails which are relevant, the type of emails that people will open instead of trashing them. Data gives you the power to stand out in people’s crowded inbox. Here are some great ways to use data in your email marketing campaigns.

1. Use back-in-stock items as a chance to re-engage customers

All ecommerce sites are losing customers due to out of stock items. Stats says, “15% of customers won’t complete a purchase due to items being out of stock”. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t get these customers back. Whenever a product on your site goes out of stock, use this as a chance to build a relationship and increase customers’ loyalty towards your brand. Here’s how to get them back with a simple e-mail.

email marketing campaigns

Subject line: Hurry…your Wait List item is now available

Few great things about this email

Subject line: The subject line of this email contains a sense of urgency besides being informative.

Clear layout: The email is clean and airy, with great imagery, and to the point copy which tells you precisely what you need to know.

2. Capture customers attention by sending them items they are interested in

People are bombarded with a number of emails every day, so do not expect them to open and check your email. It’s your job to get their attention and make them open and click your email. To capture their attention, it’s essential that you give them the products they are interested in. Given below is an example from “Potterybarn,” they have used my browsing behavior to personalize my email with products that I had browsed on their site.

email marketing campaigns

Subject line: Just for you! We think you’ll ♥: Outdoor

Few great things about this email

Subject line: The subject line of this email is personalized and relevant which is a great way to see more opens. I have checked the outdoor collection at their site, instead of sending me a general promotional email, they’ve sent me only their outdoor collection.

Copy: The copy of this email is simple and to the point which is a great way to make it more effective.

Personalizing your email is a great way to make your audience feel special, and data gives you the power to create personalized emails that will lead to more conversions, build brand loyalty and retain better.

3. Delight your subscribers by sending them an unexpected treat

Email marketing can be used to build your brand’s image and stay connected with your subscribers. But, there are very few emails which can actually make your subscribers feel special. To increase their loyalty towards your brand, it’s necessary that you make them feel special and show them how important they’re for you. Given below is an example from “Airbnb,” they have used my joining date as a reason to celebrate.

email marketing campaigns


Subject line: Celebrate your Airbnb anniversary with a gift

Few great things about this email

Subject line: The subject line of this mail is very clear, it’s clearly telling me why I am receiving this email, and what is in it for me.

Offer: They’ve clearly highlighted the offer to capture attention.




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