3 Guaranteed Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing ROI


In a world where so many different marketing mediums exist, email marketing still rules them all. It has proven to be the most profitable online channel for businesses as it has a higher ROI than any other online marketing channel.

According to one research by Direct Marketing Association, email marketing yields an average 4,300% return on investment for businesses in the United States. And, according to Marketing Sherpa research, 60% of marketers say that email marketing is producing an ROI for their organization. That’s why each and every online business needs to capitalize on email marketing.

Here are three ways to make your email marketing more effective over time:

1. Build a large email list

More email addresses = more conversions.

Every marketer knows that an email list is the most valuable asset to business, but there are very few who focus on building one. If you’re not focusing much on building an email list, I suggest you should change your approach immediately. Why? Because it’s hard to bring people on your site and it’s even harder to convert them on their first visit. According to stats, “98% of traffic doesn’t convert on the first visit”. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t convert them in future. The secret is to nurture your subscribers till they’re on your email list.

Also, email marketing is responsible for 7% of all e-commerce transactions, so it makes smart business sense to keep growing your email list.

Now the question is how to drive more email sign-ups?

Display a prominent email sign-up bar at the top of your website as well as take advantage of an opt-in or exit-intent popup to capture the email addresses of these visitors. However, make sure that your sign-up process is quick and easy so that more and more people can sign up without giving it a second thought.

In case you’re not already using popups on your site, you are neglecting one of the easiest ways to grow your email list. Popups have been the most popular list-building method if done right. Here’s how to make your popups effective.

Don’t be tempted to show popups to each and every visitor who comes to your site. For example, you can show popups based on the time spent by a visitor to your website to make sure you don’t annoy your visitors. By timing it to appear after a few seconds or after a certain number of page visits (2-3), you’re capturing email addresses of those visitors who have shown interest in your website.

To make them less annoying, you can limit the number of times a popup will appear to a visitor in a set period.

Make sure you don’t target everyone with the same popup. For example, the popups should not be the same as a repeat visitor and a new visitor. You can play with the copy a bit for a repeat visitor to make it sound more personal by adding something like “Welcome back!”

2. Keep your emails out of the spam trap

Over 20% of the marketing emails never make it to the subscribers’ inbox. What it means is that one-fifth of your emails are going down the drain. So if you have 50ksubscribers, then it means 10k of them will not even get a chance to check your emails forget about taking any action.

Poor delivery rates = poor conversions (Simple)

Not only can this hurt your short-term conversion goals, but it can also affect your email marketing strategy in the long run. How? If your emails continue to go to the spam folder, there are higher chances of your IP getting blocked.

Here’re five tips to keep your email out of the spam folder:

1. Build your email list instead of buying them.

2. Warm up your IP address before sending emails to your entire list.

3. Avoid words that trigger spam filters in your subject line.

4. Ask recipients to add you to their address book.

5. Clean your list regularly.

3. Send mobile friendly promotional emails

37% of B2C brands has a mobile-friendly website, but does not have mobile-friendly promotional emails. – Litmus (2015).

If this doesn’t convince you then read this- 70% of mobile purchasing decisions are influenced by promotional emails. So, its crucial to design mobile-friendly, responsive promotional emails. Follow these tips to make your emails mobile-friendly: a) Optimize your subject line, text, images, and videos to render properly on smartphones. b) Pay attention to the size and placement of your call to action (CTA) for mobile devices. Your primary CTA should appear at the top.

Marketers need to ensure that not only the promotional mailers but every email they send will adjust across all different screen sizes and devices.




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