3 Signs Your Email Marketing Strategy Is Failing (And How You Can Fix It)

Email marketing is and will remain the most valuable tool in your digital marketing toolbox, as it drives higher ROI than any other marketing channel. “For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $44.25.” Still, it doesn’t mean sending emails will put you on the path to success, unless your email marketing strategy is fail proof.
But how do you know whether your email marketing strategy is good or not? Well, there are some signs which will show you if it isn’t. Given below are three of them:

1. Your unsubscribe rates are high

It’s common knowledge that building an email list is critical to email marketing success. But as much as growing your email list is important; it’s equally important to retain your subscriber base. Sadly, most marketers only focus on the prior. Do you check the number of unsubscribes you receive per email campaign? Well, receiving few unsubscribes per campaign is normal, i.e., if you receive less than a 2% unsubscribe rate, you are well within industry norms (though they differ according to industry). But if your unsubscribe rates are higher than this then it means your email marketing strategy is not working. Now the question is what you can do to stop subscribers from unsubscribing?

Given below are top three mistakes that force subscribers to opt-out from your list; make amends if you’re making any of them.

  • Sending frequency

  • Your copy is not relevant.
  • Your emails are boring.

Unsubscribe rates are an excellent way to track whether your email marketing strategy is going in the right direction or not so pay attention. 

2. Your emails are landing in the spam folder

You undoubtedly spend a lot of time in designing the email, crafting the email copy and creating an excellent offer to boost your email conversions. But have you ever looked whether your emails are landing in your recipient’s inbox? Well, you should monitor your deliverability, and if you see any issues there, then you should consult with your email marketing service provider to resolve them.

Now don’t start panicking just because some of your emails are not landing in subscribers’ inboxes; as per one report by Vaughan, 95% is considered close to ideal for the delivery rate. Also, given below are a few suggestions, which you can use to avoid falling in the spam trap:

  • Ask subscribers to “Whitelist” you in the very first email.
  • Avoid using risky words in your emails that may trigger spam filters.
  • Pay attention to your “From field” address it should be clear and trustworthy.

Need more help? Here’re five excellent ways to keep your emails out of spam.

3. Your click-through rates are on a downward spiral

If there were a single metric which determines whether your email marketing strategy is on track or not, it would be click-through rate. It is a measure of how many people who opened your message found it engaging and clicked on it. If your click-through rates are dropping then it’s possible that your copy is responsible; it might just not be good enough to earn clicks.

Here are a few ways to stop your click through rates from going down:

  • Segment your email list so that you can send relevant messages to every subscriber. Remember, relevancy has a huge effect on click-through rates than any other element.
  • Avoid long messages. People normally like clear and short messages better.
  • Place your CTA or any other clickable element above the fold especially if the majority of your subscribers are checking your emails on mobile.


Improving your email marketing is an ongoing process, and you won’t see results overnight. But simple changes to your approach — optimizing your email frequency, avoiding spam folder and segmenting your email list — will set your emails up for success for the long run.







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