3 Simple but Effective Ways to Improve Your Marketing Emails in Minutes

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Are your emails as good as you want them to be?

Perhaps you don’t seem to get many clicks or opens. Or maybe few of your emails receive a good response, but most of them get ignored and deleted.

Well, you don’t need to rewrite your email marketing strategy to improve your response rate. Often, a few small tweaks can make a dramatic difference.

Here are three tips that can increase your chances of success in the inbox – try them out today:

1. Ace the subject lines

Subject lines are one of the most critical elements of an email, and they’re the toughest part to get right. When it comes to writing them, most marketers’ focus on grabbing readers’ attention. But, capturing attention isn’t enough. Are your subject lines encouraging readers to open your email? Here’re four tips to make them truly effective.

Be useful: Give people what they’re looking for to get more opens. Given below are two examples from my inbox:

I received this email from Gilt when I added a product to their “Waitlist.”

Hotwire Deals sent me this after I searched hotels in Paris on their site.

Inspire curiosity: It is a powerful motivator, and when used strategically it can induce more opens. Here’s an example from women’s apparel retailer, Ann Taylor:


Make it exclusive: Use data to add exclusivity to your subject lines, as people tend to open emails that look like they were created just for them. Given below is an example:

Be specific: Use your subject line to tell people what the email is about and make them excited to open the email.

These four strategies are only a couple of ways that you can use to improve your subject line results. Start trying them out and see if you notice a positive change in your opens.

Spend as much time on subject line as you do writing the email.

2. Adopt the policy “Shorter is Better”

When you start crafting an email, you might be compelled to include everything your brand has to offer in one email to make it super valuable for the recipients. But, remember human attention spans are shrinking so, it pays dividends to value your readers time. Make your copy crisp and to the point.

You tend to look at the email messages from your perspective, but imagine for a moment what it’s like as a buyer. All day long you keep receiving marketing emails. It can quickly become overwhelming to go through so many emails so, make your messages count.

3. Make it visual

The quickest way to make your email more enticing is to use GIFs. They can turn a simple email into an eye-catching one, and they’re quite effective in capturing readers attention. Use them to tell a story about your product; how to use your product or how it can change or affect your customers’ life. Given below is an example from Food52:

Subject line: Resolution: use less oil. Solution: nonstick pans.


Try to show your product in action because that catches people’s attention.




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