30 Best Tools For Understanding SEO And Its Results

If you want a tangible amount of traffic from popular search engines the best idea is to rely on SEO. For effective search engine optimization strategies, you need to do a couple of things like keyword research, site structure, and usability. However, the most overlooked activity by site owners is ignoring the monitoring process. For monitoring the results, you need certain SEO tools. Using the SEO tools can help you in understanding and assessing your internet marketing strategies. The below is the list of 30 best tools for understanding SEO and its results..

1). KeywordSpy

A right way to find out relevant keywords is to analyze and research the one which your rival sites use. KeywordSpy helps you in analyzing and researching different keywords related to your niche area used by your rival websites and blogs. This tool also helps you in checking the pay per click (PPC) campaign bid carried out by your competitor along with knowing their optimization methods. These details would help you in understanding the insight about the keywords used and their results in the search domain.

2). SEO Powersuite- Website Auditor

It is a very comprehensive website auditing tool. Though it sounds similar to Xenu, however, it has a number of added features which renders different data and reports to help you in enhancing your site’s SEO performance. It can help you in the internal linking for a site and guide you in improving your page ranks which you look ahead for better visibility. It can help you in optimizing your site content along with informing about your rival site’s performance. It is a paid tool.

3). SimilarSites

This tool helps you in finding out a number of sites and blogs which belong to your niche area in order to promote your website. It helps you in knowing the keywords which your competitors are using along with their performance in the searches. Hence at the end of the day, you get a number of keywords which are being used by your rival groups which can prove effective for your site as well. SimilarSites is pretty user friendly apart from being a useful tool.

4). SEMRush

It is an advanced level keywords competition research tool which help you in knowing the Google or Bing search engine rankings along with giving numerous high-end search engine marketing methods. The massive data inside SEMRush would help you in knowing all the popular and relevant keywords, phrases, terms, expensive and competitive keywords. It’s free version is easily available online which works for just ten queries per day along with ten results per query. The paid ones certainly would give you more.

5). Microsoft SEO ToolKit

This is among the most advanced level and powerful tools found to monitor SEO. Microsoft SEO ToolKit helps you in reviewing your site, checks the results and guides you to carry out the required changes. Hence with the detailed search engine friendly recommendations and analysis the toolkit helps you in enhancing the relevance of your site or blog in the search results instantly. Also, it cites out a number of missing tags and alt tags, broken links, large size scripts and any other SEO violation.

6). GTMetrics

It is one of the best tools to test and analyze test page speed online. GTMetrics helps you in checking score for Yahoo YSlow of any website along with monitoring the Google page speed. These details are vital in terms of SEO since Google determines the rankings on these factors. This tool will render you detail explanations of these violations found in your website and thus making things easy for fixing these issues.

7). SEO Doctor

It’s a great and easy to use FireFox Addon designed for both the entry and advanced level search engine optimization strategies. The scoring system and suggestions are usually based on officially search engine optimization documents including the Google Webmaster guidelines, Google SEO starter guide and Google Image guidelines. It helps inciting out potential issues and gives an appropriate score as per your SEO strategies along with showing you link structure and guides you in tracking page rank flow for your web pages.

8). CuteRank

An important aspect of SEO efforts is to monitor your progress and CuteRank helps you in doing so. It’s a free of cost keyword rank checker desktop tool which helps you in understanding your keyword positions along with monitoring their performance in different search engines. The free version has one limitation wherein you can only check your rankings for one domain at a time and are unable to build reports with your own business. You can avoid this issue in the premium version for best and accurate results.

9). LongTailPro

This tool helps you in finding keywords and domains (for developing niche websites). It also helps you in analyzing the competition and does a rank checking task for your site to check its progress. You can use this tool to build up niche sites wherein you will get to see satisfying and tangible results. LongTailPro is a paid tool but certainly a worthy tool to monitor your SEO results.

10). SEO Book

This tool caters you numerous collections of paid and free SEO tools for website owners and webmasters. The different popular search engine optimization tools rendered by SEO Book include Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword Density Analyzer, Keyword List Generator, Keyword Wrapper and Typo Generator, Keyword List Cleaner, Page Comparison Tool, Robots.txt Tool, Server Header Checker, etc. In this way, SEO Book proves out to be an effective tool for SEO understanding and results.

11). Internet Marketing Ninjas

It caters you side by side SEO comparison Tool, On-Page Optimization Tool, Broken Links & Redirects Checker, Website Speed Test Tool, Search Combination Tool, Keyword Density Analysis Tool, Header Checker Tool, Google Sitemap Generator, etc. These all things help you in analyzing your traffic along with making your site or blog more visible over different search engines. Also, it helps you in enhancing your brand power and boosts your social media networks in terms of SEO.

12). Ranks.NL

If you are looking out for a tool for Keyword Density Analysis, you can certainly think of having Ranks.NL. It is considered to be best in this job along with catering tools like Article Analyzer, Keyword Proximity Analyzer, Link Validator, Search Engine Comparison Tool, etc. which together play a key role in understanding your search engine optimization results and progress.

13). LinkVendor

The different SEO features or tools found over LinkVendor simply help you in understanding your SEO efforts along with managing your site as per various search engine parameters. The different tools in LinkVendor also help in evaluating social visibility factor with different set of tools like Keyword Tools, Website Analysis Tools, Server and Domains Tools etc. Lastly, it helps you in knowing the performance of your competitors as per your choice and advantage.

14). GetRank

It is considered to be a comprehensive tool to check your SEO efforts along with knowing the website analysis and research. It caters you different tools including Link Tools, Search Engine Tools, IP Tools, and Website Rank Checkers. Also, you get to see tools like Header or Tag Tools, Source Code Tools, Keyword Tools and other diverse kind of tools to get proper insight into your SEO efforts.

15). Open Site Explorer

This tool is powered by a famous SEO tool known as SEOmoz. It can be termed as a new search engine exclusively meant for links which can find more than a massive figure of 9.2 trillion links and 159 billion links URLs. If you are keen for a comparative website study and analysis, consider Open Site Explorer wherein you can easily explore anchor text, backlinks and many more other things. It is available for free with limited features whereas a paid one for robust and effective results.

16). Ahrefs

Ahrefs is also among the list of robust and intuitive tools which is meant for link research and analysis. It helps you in knowing the total number of backlinks and the various types like nofollow, text, image, redirect, frame etc. It also helps you with things like referring domains and internet protocols (IPs).

17). SEOrush

This tool is considered to be a one touch kind of resource which caters you different things like generating free search engine optimization reports for your links or for your rival website links. Also, you can see this tool returning with on page and off page SEO analysis along with other things like social presence details, indexed web pages, Meta information, validation, numerous ranks and standard domain details.

18). Submit Express

It caters you a huge amount of SEO tools for website owners and bloggers. It renders you a number of tools for things like website submission, keyword and Meta tag analysis and research. You can also see the other tools like Link Popularity Checker, XML Sitemap submission tool, Keyword Suggestion tool, Broken Link Checker, SEO dictionary, Link Counter and many more similar things for understanding your search engine optimization strategies and its progress.

19). MajesticSEO

It crawls inside the web like the Google’s spiders and thus can help you see your site indexing within its own database. It gives you a very useful and important data about your website along with your rival groups’ sites. Thus you can come to know which links your rival website is using along with knowing the complete insight about your rival sites’ SEO strategies. It also gives information about the backlinks via Backlink History tool for a multiple number of sites. It is also regarded as the best tool for Clique Hunter which is meant to analyze the backlinks of multiple sites at one go.

20). Ontolo

It helps you in finding quality and relevant links for your site. All you need to do is to enter the keywords you want to target and it will soon bring you back with tons of prospects for you in different and proper categories. Also, the Majestic Million Tool can give you a list of top one million sites. In this way, you end up finding authority and popular links for your SEO work.

21). SproutSocial

Social media platforms also play a key role in search engine optimization. Hence you can see different companies having a number of social media profiles. It is always difficult to manage your Facebook pages, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts together along with other tasks. With SproutSocial you can carry out a number of campaigns at one go and help in engaging people in different online communities. In this way, it expedites your SEO strategies.

22). Google Webmaster Tools

It helps in improving your website’s visibility over different Google search results. It renders you different reports in detail regarding your web pages visibility at different Google SERPs. It shows how Google spider crawls inside the different websites and indexes your site. Also, it cites out different flaws within your site including DNS warning, Malware warnings, server connectivity issues along with suggesting a couple of HTML improvements like duplicate meta description, duplicate title tags and missing title tags.

23). LinkDex

It encompasses a number of features in it. The basic feature of LinkDex is meant for SEO task and project management. LinkDex is pretty user friendly and hence can be used without any hassle. For SEO task, you can see an effective backlink analysis system which guides you where you are lagging behind your rival business websites. It also helps you in improving your page rankings along with producing lots of reports in different formats.

24). Raven Tools

It is considered to be a one stop shop SEO toolkit for you. It encompasses hordes of tools which are hard to mention here. The different research tools, keyword managers, contact managers simply use different data for your Google Adwords campaign and also helps to access different data through its own iOS application. It is certainly one of the most effective places for understanding your SEO strategies and its progress.

25). Google Analytics

It’s the most comprehensive Web analytics software which is known to measure your sales and conversion along with giving you fresh insights about your visitors coming to your websites. You can therefore come to know everything about your visitors flocking your websites. These details can help you in fixing the issues you have in your search engine optimization strategy along with other flaws within your site.

26). Micro Niche Finder & Market Samurai

Both of these tools help you in finding your niche and opportunities for long tail keyword. The Micro Niche Finder helps the users to instantly analyze different multiple sources and check the scores for special keywords including the Strength of Competition (Soc) and Online Commercial Intention (OCI). The value you find for OCI will tell you whether people at your site have come to purchase anything or were there for any information.

27). Search Engine Genie

It’s an SEO company which renders you hundreds of tools for checking your search engine optimization carried out at all the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The different tools include Rank Checkers, Keyword tools, PageRank Checker, HTML Validator, JavaScript Tools, Domain Age Checker, Backlink Analysis, Google Datacenter Checker, Reciprocal Link Checker and so on.

28). WebConfs

It caters you a wide range of free SEO tools and features like Keyword Rich Domain Suggestion Tool, Backlink Tracker, Keyword Density Checker, URL Rewriting Tool, Reciprocal Link Checker, Keyword Suggestion Tool, Domain Age Tool, Similar Page Checker and many more such things. Using these tools can help you in understanding your current SEO strategies and progress in this regard.

29). David Naylor

It comes with three flagship tools- Playground, GeoTargeting and Keyword Density Tool. The Playground helps in digging around your website for things like page rankings, keyword density and cached web pages. The GeoTargeting tool helps you in tracking the IP address of your visitor coming to your site for every URL you enter. Lastly, the Keyword Density tool gives you a robust kind of keyword density analysis which helps you in understanding the keyword density in a better way.

30). SEOquake

It is considered to be the most versatile and popular analytic SEO tool for common browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. This tool helps you in extracting diverse kind of information on a huge amount of parameters. These parameters include Keyword Density, PageRank, Google Index, Alexa Rank and gives you a list of nofollow links and so on.

Knowing your SEO progress is important to reap best benefits of internet marketing. The above 30 tools would certainly help you in understanding your SEO strategies and thus guide you in deciding the right path for your search engine optimization.

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