4 Compelling Reasons Every Small Business Should Use Web Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications

Website push notifications are one of the most effective marketing tools that allow you to communicate with your subscribers on all the devices be it mobile, tablet, or desktop. Savvy marketers are using this channel to grow traffic and to engage their customers in real-time, however, very few small businesses have realized its true potential.

Having said that, there are a number of reasons as to why small businesses should be using website push notifications. Given below are four compelling reasons:

1. Get traffic with fewer resources

A common challenge for every small business is how to connect with new visitors and engage returning visitors to its site with fewer resources. Well, the answer is web push notifications as they’re comparatively cheaper than email and retargeting ads and you don’t need to create an app for them (which is an expensive affair). Also, the opt-in rate of push notifications is significantly higher in comparison to emails which means your push notification list is going to be bigger than your email list. So, if you aren’t using website push notifications, you’re leaving a low hanging fruit.

2. Reach people across multiple devices

web push notifications

In this multi-connected world, your customer journey is spread across multiple touchpoints. Web push notifications allow you to reach them across devices through mobile web and desktop web with highly relevant messages based on their website behaviors (provided your customer has enabled push on your desktop website and your mobile website). The only trick is to track the user across devices to avoid blasting them with the same message on every device. For example, if you know that a customer is active on his smartphone in the morning and his PC in the afternoon, and if you want to send him an offer in the afternoon then you should send a desktop push notification instead of the smartphone to get better results.

Whenever you send a web push notification, make sure that the content is relevant and contextually rich.

3. Engage customers in real-time

Success in marketing depends a lot on timing especially, if you are running a small business. Why? Because every order can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Website push allows your message to reach customers within seconds after it is sent. So, it’s the best way to get the attention of your customers especially if the offer is time bound. For example, if a customer has added a product to his wish list and that particular product goes on sale for a short period then you can send him a push notification instead of an email to draw immediate attention. And even if your visitor isn’t active on your site, web notifications will appear in their web browser in the top-right corner for them to see as soon as they are active on their device and are can’t be ignored.

4. Stay connected

Not everyone who visits your site will make a purchase in his first visit or join your email list instantly. Push notification gives you the opportunity to stay connected with your new visitors. But, to be successful, you’ll have to personalize your efforts. Just sending web push notifications is not enough – your messages should provide value to your subscribers.

Here’s how to make your push notification valuable: Use segmentation to segregate your subscribers into different buckets. Start with the browsing data: which product categories have they browsed? Have they added anything to their wish list or cart? Another way to customize web push messages is by using the location of your subscribers.

Website push notifications if used interactively, can be your best bet to effectively communicate any message you need to convey urgently.

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