4 Conversion Killers Which are Ruining Your Email Campaigns

Email marketing continues to outperform as the most ROI-driven digital marketing strategies for online businesses. According to the Direct Marketing Association, Email has an ROI of around 4,300%.

Besides it’s a relatively inexpensive and extremely effective tool to get in touch with your subscribers and bring them to your site to buy.

That said, a wrong strategic approach can prove costly for your email campaigns; still many marketers are making few basic mistakes which if not corrected timely can ruin their email marketing efforts. Here is a list of four things which marketers should avoid to dissuade customers and generate more conversions.


1. Not Segmenting Your Email List

Lot of marketers think that designing a good email and sending it to their list will increase their conversions automatically, but batch and blast approach doesn’t work anymore. If you really want your subscribers to open your emails and take the desired action, it’s very important to stand out in their inbox with persona-driven email campaigns. This can be easily done by segmenting your email list on the basis of your subscriber demographics and past-buying behavior.  As per DMA National Client Email Report (2013), “Email marketers estimate 30% of email revenue derives from targeting to specific segments.” Here is an effective example from Rue la la.com.

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Not Segmenting Your Email List

Rue la la shows how you can effectively segment your list on the basis of your customer’s buying history as this mail informs the customers about the same sale from which they have made a purchase earlier. The message is personalized, effective and relevant and nudges the subscriber without coming across as sales-y. It’s a good way to stay in touch and build brand loyalty with the subscriber.


2. Sending Emails too Frequently

Many marketers are in the habit of sending emails too frequently, but bombarding subscribers with too many mails can annoy the customers. It will not only deter them from opening your mails but will also encourage them to opt out from your list which will ultimately affect the success of your email program. “69% of subscribers say that too many emails is the number one reason they unsubscribe from email.”

Giving people an option to set the frequency of emails they want to receive from your side can solve this puzzle. Given below is an example of UncommonGoods.com, they give people an option to set email frequency in each and every promotional email.

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Sending Emails too Frequently



3. No Clear Call to Action

A compelling call to action play an extremely important role in your email conversions, if it is not telling people what to do next they will not take an action. So, it should be designed and placed in a manner that it will encourage your readers to click on it.

Using a clear and focused call to action is essential to maximize your conversions. Take a look at this email from Made.com.

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No Clear Call to Action


The email has a single but focused call to action button with apt text. Also, it is strategically placed exactly above the welcome gift to induce people to click on it.


 4. Using a Misleading Subject line

Nothing can be more harmful for an email campaign than a misleading or vague subject line. Marketers often forget this fact, they tend to create lucrative subject lines for their emails just to make them look highly enticing to their subscribers. But as soon as the subscribers open the mail to find something completely different, they feel cheated and the brand loses it’s credibility once and for all. Not only that, misleading subjectlines may increase open rate initially but it potentially hampers immediate conversions. These apart, sending emails with misleading titles fall under spamming act too, which is very much capable of getting your domain id blacklisted too. Take a look at this email.

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Using a Misleading Subject line


Setting right expectation is extremely important to accelerate your chances of conversion. This email from ModCloth.com is doing that, it has an extremely clear and effective subject line which lets the recipient know what is in it for them.


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