4 Excellent Ways to Use Personalization in Your Emails to Boost Conversions

With almost every brand doing email marketing, it’s tough enough for ecommerce retailers to encourage people to open their emails, forget about clicking and driving conversions from the same. But, with personalization you can help your emails stand out from the crowd and convert better. Your email campaigns stand a much greater chance for success with this approach.

Personalization is the key to unlocking higher open and click rates but, more importantly, it’s the best way to dramatically improve conversions from your emails. Consider the stats from Aberdeen, “Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.”

Personalization can be done by using someone’s first name in your email, tailoring specific recommendations, offering tailored discounts based on customer lifetime value (CLV) or personalizing on the basis of their location, demographics, behavior and so on. There are multiple ways to use personalization to achieve better conversions. But, if you haven’t started personalizing your emails yet, you should start doing so as soon as you possibly can. Here are few great ideas for inspiration, pick one of these and get ready to amaze your customers.


1. Blue Nile’s Abandoned Cart Email With Product Recommendations


Subject Line: Your Blue Nile Shopping Cart & Other Jewelry You May Like

Cart abandonment email campaign is the most common campaign in the email marketing programs in which customers data is used to drive conversions. They are the tried and tested way to re-engage the lost shopper without annoying him. But what makes this an ultimate weapon in a marketer’s arsenal is personalizing the cart abandonment email with alternative product suggestions.

Take a look at this email from Blue Nile, it’s a very clean message clearly telling me what I have left in my shopping cart along with showing me similar product suggestions in case I need more options to make up my mind. An email like this is nearly guaranteed to boost conversions as it has everything in it including, compelling visuals, few (not too many) relevant product suggestions, clear CTA, and just the right amount of copy.

2. ModCloth’s Cart Items Goes On Sale Email


Subject line: Something you like is on sale!

Preheader: FREE Shipping On Orders $50 + I FREE Exchanges & Easy Returns

Adding a product in the cart indicates interest. But, normally email marketers use this data to send only abandoned cart recovery emails. Given above is an example from ModCloth which shows you the ideal use of this data. After I left a product in my cart, I received a notification email when the products in my cart went on sale. And even if I didn’t intended to purchase them earlier, it sure builds urgency for me to complete my purchase now. To drive conversions, it’s important that you give your potential customers a compelling reason to shop from you.

3. Styloko’s Promotional Email Based on Preferences


Subject line: Reshu, new in for you

Styloko, the shopping discovery engine allows you to follow brands and items you like. I received this email from them when some of my favorite brands introduced new collection and items from them went on sale.

Here are few things which I liked about this email:

Concise, clear and personalized subject line.

The email is clean in design and is divided in proper sections which makes it easy to scan this long message.

Great copy. The copy clearly tells me what’s in it for me without wasting my time, and in a manner that it doesn’t feels like I’m being sold to.

The feeds are personalized based on the brands I have liked, but they have also included “Editor’s Picks” at the end of the email which is a great way to encourage people to explore few more brands and items.

4. Gilt’s Recommends Suggestions Based On Waitlist Items’

Subject line: We have found more of what you love

Sometimes customers like out of stock products on your site, Gilt uses this opportunity to customize emails and send potential customers relevant suggestions. Personalized suggestions are a great way to engage people and drive them down the funnel.

No matter which emails you send, the more personalized you can make them, the more relevant they will be to your customers. These personalized emails will certainly make your customers love your emails, and will help you in engaging & converting them better.



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