4 Misconceptions Small Businesses Have About Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email is not a new marketing channel, yet small businesses have many misconceptions about email marketing. In the past, only big brands could afford to send beautiful, timely, and highly personalized emails, not anymore. Still, many small businesses are overlooking this reality far too often and that too for all the wrong reasons.

That is why I’ve put together a list of four common misconceptions small businesses have about email marketing and ways to overcome them.

1. Email marketing automation is expensive

Marketing automation has been around for some time now, but most of the automation tools were targeted at enterprise level companies. With high costs and complex integrations, only big brands could afford email automation. Today, however, marketing automation tools are designed specifically for B2C and small business owners. And the e-commerce companies who aren’t using email marketing channel to its full potential just to save costs will only go so far. Email marketing has proven to deliver the highest ROI for marketers. So, in the long run, the benefit far outweighs the cost.

2. Email marketing = promotional mailers

There’s no doubt that promotional mailers are the bread and butter for email marketers. However, email marketing is much broader than sending promotional mailers. Many small business owners are only using email marketing just like every other marketing channel with the sole aim of driving sales. But, they forget that email marketing is not just the marketing channel with the best ROI but it is also the most powerful way to build relationships with your customers.

Successful email marketers are doing behavioral marketing by sending emails based on user behavior. And marketers who are still using email to milk sales and sales alone will soon end up with a negative ROI from this channel.

3. Buying an email list is better than building one

Building an email list is the topmost goal for email marketers. However, building an email list takes time and for small businesses that aren’t much popular, getting subscribers can be particularly challenging.

Many SMB marketers are guilty of buying lists to reach their end goal quickly. If you are also making this mistake then remember more email addresses doesn’t mean more conversions, In fact, it has the opposite effect on your conversions as it damages your brand reputation and affects your email deliverability in the long run.

The more, the merrier concept holds true only when you grow your subscribers base organically.

4. Creating beautiful emails is expensive and time-consuming

Small e-commerce brands have limited resources. They can’t afford to devote time and money to design beautiful emails. Not anymore. Nowadays marketing automation tools offer professional-looking email templates and drag & drop editors to design beautiful emails in no time.

These are some of the leading misconceptions about email marketing


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