4 Reasons Web Push Notifications Should Not Take a Back Seat to Email Marketing

Web push notification is not a new marketing tool anymore but is one that’s under-utilized. This messaging channel is cost-effective and has the potential to bolster your outreach. But, many marketers are overlooking this marketing channel. With this in mind, given below are four occasions where website push notifications will prove to be highly effective:

1. Your deal is time sensitive

Most brands these days use time sensitive deals to increase their conversions. Why? Because urgency is an excellent psychological motivator, it drives people to take action. Now, I’m pretty confident that this isn’t news to you. But if you’re using only emails to push these deals then you’re leaving money on the table. Here’s why–firstly, the average time for email recipients to view an email message is 6.4 hours (Zipstripe). Secondly, the open rates of emails are nose-diving. We at Betaout conducted a study and found that open rates for web push notifications are 40 percent higher than for email.

2. You want to cut down expenses

Marketing is where businesses spend a lot of their money. So this is where you need to manage your money right to reduce your costs. Creating an email is an expensive affair, as it requires a lot of time in designing and drafting copy. And, sometimes for small and medium sized companies, it’s tough to spend that much time and resources. It makes sense at those times to send web push notifications–composing a push message is a lot quicker and cheaper.

However, we recommend not sending every offer in web push notifications (especially the coupons and codes with a long-term validity). Otherwise, your subscribers might end up not using them.

3. You don’t want to fall in the clutter

Though email marketing has proven to generate the biggest ROI and studies, have shown that an average company sees an ROI of 38% for every dollar spent on email marketing.  But, with the increase in the number of email messages, (we receive 121 messages per day, each year), this number is only going to soar up in the coming years.

And unless your emails are too good and your subscribers are too engaged, you can’t just expect people to open your emails. Besides, website push messages have better open and response rate which makes it an effective communication channel for every online business.

4. Your email list is small

Now you must be thinking what does the size of your email list has to do with web push notifications. Here it is—-do you know opt-in rates for web push notifications is higher than that of email opt-in rates? Why? Because email is the most personal medium and people believe in guarding their email accounts against the marketing messages.

Since it is hard to build an email database push notifications gives you a chance to reach people you couldn’t have reached otherwise.


Push notifications is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. However, it’s always a good idea to be mindful when using it. Because once your customers will unsubscribe you’ve no chance of getting them back.









4 Reasons Web Push Notifications Should Not Take a Back Seat to Email Marketing
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4 Reasons Web Push Notifications Should Not Take a Back Seat to Email Marketing
The power of web push notifications
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