4 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Emails

Personalization is just one element of an effective email campaign, but it’s a very important one. It’s a great way to add a human touch to your email and grab your recipient’s attention. The basic persoanlization can be done by addressing your customer with his first name in the email, adding a real person’s name in the sender’s field and adding sender’s signature in the email. But for advanced personalization, you need an insight into your customer data. You can make your email messages more relevant by using your subscribers browsing or purchasing history and their preferences.

Adding someone’s name to an email is the simplest and the easiest way to personalize your emails and increase your email open and click rates.  When you include your subscriber’s name in the email it create a positive mental association between them and you. Simply using the first name in the email can make your subscriber feel like the email is created for them rather than just an anonymous recipient. Besides there are less chances of getting your email marked as spam if you have personalized it with the recipient’s name.

So, here’s how you can use first name personalization in the following elements to instantly see your open rates swing upwards:

1. Subject Line

Stats says, “About 69% make the decision to click on the “report spam” or “junk” button based on the subject line.” The success of your email marketing campaign depends a lot on the subscriber opening your email. Research says email personalization in the subject line leads to increased open rates of your email. Personalized subject lines are a great way to pull the readers in. They’re a great way to engage your audience right from the starting and encourage them to open your email.

Here is an example:

Subject line: Welcome home, Reshu

The email has used my first name in its subject line which instantly draws my attention to it and encouraged me to open and explore further.

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There are few more things I love about this email from Airbnb. Firstly, the email is clean and catchy in design, with great colors and imagery. Secondly, the minimal text combined with appealing imagery also perfectly goes together. Thirdly, the CTA in this email is clearly highlighted in a manner that it makes it almost impossible to skip. Fourthly, to give it  a more personal touch they’ve used my first name in the body of the email too and that too in the image which to me looks totally personalized.

Here is one more example of personalization done by using first name in the subject line:

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2. Salutation

Using the first name of a person in the salutation is a great way to make the tone of your email more personal.


Take a look at this email from DSW.

Subject line: We’re in wedge heaven!

DSW surely knows how to play with words and has creatively crafted its subject line by doing that.

Normally promotional emails are sent to bunch of people on a list, but adding a person’s name in the salutation is a great way to make people feel that they are the only one you are writing for.

DSW has used my first name in the salutation as well as added my rewards number in this promotional email to make it look completely personalized.

They have used real imagery of the products to make the email more inviting. But, what I like most about this email is that they have also kept their disappointed store shoppers in mind. The section for store shoppers who couldn’t find their size in store is clearly defined and separate from the top section, which makes it easy to notice. Very nicely designed.


3. Body of Email

Personalizing within the body of your email is a great way to make your email even more personal. Also, it’s a great way to capture your readers attention and engage them.

Take a look at this email:


RueLaLa has used the first name of the recipient both in the salutation as well as the body of the email. Clean and airy in design, they have used very little text with great imagery.  Also, they’ve kept the tone of the email very conversational to keep the readers engaged.

4. Coupon

The one more thing you can personalize just by using your recipient’s first name is the coupon. This is a great way to add a personal touch for each of your subscribers and it will allow you to keep a track of who are redeeming your coupons.

Also, it’s easy to personalize a coupon and it can be quickly done by inserting the name of the recipient in the coupon.

Personalization can lead to better engagement as people like receiving customized and tailored messages. But do A/B test to see if your subscribers like messages personalized with their names or not.




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