4 Tips to Maximize Your Push Notifications Performance

Push notification is an important tool in a mobile marketers arsenal. It’s one of the best ways to increase your app engagement. But, to take your mobile messaging to the next level with push notifications, you’ll have to optimize your push messages. Given below are four tips to maximize your push notification success:

Push Notifications For Increasing Engagement

Push Notifications For Increasing Engagement

1. Understand user behavior

The deluge of data if harnessed properly can offer great insights to marketers to understand user behavior. But not all marketers are analyzing and utilizing this data correctly because it’s tough to interpret data. For example, if there is a male user who once bought a dress from your site and you based on his purchase behavior start sending him messages related to that purchase, there’s a real problem here. The chances are high that he may have purchased it as a gift. And if you keep sending him messages based on this one activity then he won’t find your messages helpful, no matter how personalized they’re.

Tip: Make sure you analyze not just one but every aspect of your data to send truly personalized messages.

2. Send highly targeted, personalized messages

Do you know that personalized push notifications have a three times higher conversion rate than others?

Personalized Push Notifications

Personalized Push Notifications

To be truly valuable to your customers, you need to personalize every aspect of your push notifications. With this in mind, given below are three factors you need to consider to create highly personalized messages:

1.   Behavior
2.   Geography
3.   Preferences

Take all the above into account to send deeply personalized messages your users will look forward to.

Tip: Besides personalizing the content of your message, also make it creative by using your copywriting skills. Using rich media is another way to cut through the noise with your creative messages.

3. Follow ‘less is more’ approach

Push notifications allow you to reach out to your customer anytime, anywhere. But marketers need to make sure they are using it sparingly. Why? Because nobody is interested in receiving tons of messages unless it’s a gaming or social app.

Now the question is how to determine the perfect frequency? Well, there’s no such thing as a right number. Your perfect cadence depends on your app industry.

However, as a general rule of thumb, use push notifications when you have something urgent to say and requires an immediate action. For example, location-based messaging delivered can be highly relevant when delivered at the right time.

Good #pushnotifications boil down to one simple rule — providing value.

Tip: Don’t forget to apply a frequency cap on your push messages. Segment your users to ensure no single user falls into multiple buckets. Also, avoid sending push messages based on device.

4. Timing is the key to success

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Last but not the least; timing is everything. Don’t annoy people by sending them notifications at a wrong time. Not every message is critically urgent.

Not timing them right could defeat the whole purpose of reaching out to your consumers through push notifications. Customize your delivery time for better engagement. For example, one user might like to receive push notification’s in lunchtime while the other might prefer to receive them when he is commuting. Marketers need to keep this in mind when scheduling their push messages to ensure good returns. Sending a right message at the wrong time won’t help you uplift your conversions.

Tip: To get good returns from your push notifications schedule them according to the time zone your users are located in.

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