4 Ways to Keep Your Subscribers Engaged

Getting people to subscribe to your mailing list is tough, but keeping them on it is even tougher. Engaging your email subscribers is very crucial to keep them on the list. But not every email is crafted to increase customer engagement. So, here are four ways to make your email campaigns more interactive as well as improve your open & click-through rates too.


1. Give Creative Twist to Your Subject Lines

Have you been using the same type of subject lines for long? If yes, then it’s time to break the monotony. Explore a new approach and try a creative one. Since subject lines are critical to your response rate, do split test them before sending it to all of your list, and check the response to find out what works for you.

To get inspiration for crafting creative subject lines, you can check other successful email marketing campaigns or you can scroll your own inbox. But, when creating one keep in mind that your subject line should be clear, relevant and interesting, at the same time.

Here are few examples from my inbox:

“Which hue is totally you?”

“These Lightweight & Easy Dresses Beg For Long Summer Days”

“Up Your Game With These Sneakers”

“Too hot out? Stay in and shop.”


2. Revive Your Email Templates

We all are becoming a lot more visual than ever and subscribers’ expectations have risen accordingly. Trying a new template is a great way to catch reader’s attention. Designing new templates requires expertise, but you can also check with your email service provider for free templates (Shameless plug- Betaout, our marketing automation platform, too offers a wide range of email templates and all these templates are fully responsive, so you’ll automatically have emails that are optimized for small screen too).


3. Update Your Content

The copy of your email should be compelling and attention grabbing. Make your email copy pop by being concise, direct, and entertaining. Also, it’s very important to offer right message to right audience to keep them interested and engaged. Not every customer is the same. Treat them as an individual. This can be done by segmenting your list by demographics, location, gender, past purchasing behaviour, browsing behaviour, user preferences etc.

If your audience is not looking for what you’re offering then they will not read your email, so give them what there are looking for. Don’t frustrate them by asking them to read a long message, keep your message clear, concise and relevant.


4. Personalize Your Emails

Sending personalized messages is the most effective way to capture your readers attention and build a direct connection with them to encourage more opens and clicks.

Personalizing doesn’t means using the first name of the recipient only, but it means delivering relevant and tailored content to your audience which can significantly improve your engagement and hence click-through rates.

Personalizing can be done on the basis of your subscribers’ preferences, interests, browsing or buying history. For example, if your subscriber has browsed products of a particular brand, you can send him product of that particular brand or if he has selected a price range while browsing you can send him product that falls under that range.

If you want your email to engage people, give it a personal touch as it builds a sense of sincerity.

What truly matters is how you treat your subscribers once they’ve subscribed to your list. Increased engagement means increased conversions, so focus on providing value through your email campaigns to keep your audience engaged.








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