4 Ways to Woo Your Browse Abandoners

Bringing traffic to your site takes hard work and once people are on your site you don’t want them to leave empty handed. But, converting visitors into customers on their very first visit is not easy.  As per stats, “On average, only 2% of customers make a purchase on their first visit to an online store”.

Sometimes people visit the site in browsing mode they come to your site browse few thing’s and leave your site without taking any other action. But, that does never mean that the transaction is over and you can’t convert these lost shoppers into customers.

So what online business owners can do to ensure that these abandoners become loyal customers? Here are few things which an online site owner can do to convert these abandoners into sales.


1. Approach Them Immediately 

One of the biggest reason of browse abandoners never returning to your site is that they forgot about it at all. Sending an email to them is a great way to capture their attention and gives you an opportunity to remind them about the product or service they are interested in. Send the first e-mail:  immediately right after the customer leaves your website to encourage them to return to your site. The more you can entice people to return your website the more the chances that it will increase your conversions at a later point of time. Make sure you capture their attention as quickly as possible by reminding them that they browsed something on your site.

Take a look at this email given below:

Subject line: Your recently viewed items

Browse Abandoners


The subject line of this email from Pacsun clearly says what is in it for me. Clean and airy in design, the email include the images of all the products I browsed on their site to entice me to check them again. I love the fact that they did not try to sell me anything in this email, the CTA of this email is also perfect and relevant. Very well done.


2. Recommend Few Relevant Products to Them  

Sometimes people abandon a site after quick browsing session because they were researching and checking these products on other sites too. Therefore, you should include at least a couple of products suggestions in your browse abandonment emails to encourage them to return on your site and explore further. But, while sending suggestion make sure that the copy is customized according to their requirement and should seem relevant to them.

Here is an example:

Subject line: reshu, loved the Printed Grey Dress With Belt? Also see what our stylist recommends for you

Browse Abandoners



3. Create Urgency

The message that you sends out to your browse abandoners should be crafted in a manner that it draws them back to their purchases. Getting your abandoners to take an action requires that you create a sense of urgency by showing them that the item they browsed is about to go out of stock.

Here is an example:

Subject line: reshu We know you liked the Printed Grey Dress With Belt but it’s selling out fast

Browse Abandoners


The subject line of this email is very well crafted, it caught my eye because it include my first name, it’s personalized on the basis of my browsing history and it has an element of urgency added in it which prompted me to open it immediately. Other than that the copy of the email is also good and to the point, I would’ve liked it more if they have included the image of the product in it.


4. Intimate People When that Particular Product Goes On Sale

Informing people when a product they browsed goes on sale is a good idea, it will give them a reason to come back to your site. As sometimes people like your product but certainly don’t want to buy it at its full price. Giving them an option to buy the product they liked on reduced prices will induce them to complete their purchase.

Even though I haven’t received this type of email from any ecommerce brand yet, but I think that it can be a good way to woo back your abandoners.


Stop losing sales because you don’t have a campaign designed for your browse abandoner’s and start remarketing them.  With the right design, copy and on time emails you could easily convert these lost shoppers into customers.


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