5 Dreadful SMS Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Killer SMS Marketing Mistakes

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SMS marketing works – it’s one of the most effective arrows in the online marketers’ quiver. “95% of text messages are read within three minutes of receipt”. And, “consumers who are sent text messages have a 40% higher conversion rate than those who are not sent any text messages”.

There’s a problem, though. Just because SMS marketing work doesn’t mean you’ll get good results from this channel too.

If you’re still sending batch and blast messages without fine-tuning your strategy, you may get disappointing results.

Here are five reasons your SMS marketing efforts aren’t working in today’s environment, and how you can fix them:

1. You haven’t taken permission

Like any other marketing channel, you need explicit permission if you expect to be successful. I’ve been surprised at how many businesses ignore this basic rule. Build your SMS list instead of buying one. Though building a good list can be a prolonged and arduous process, but once you get there, the rewards are great.

Don’t go the easy route (buy database), as it will create a crappy experience for everyone.

2. You don’t know your audience

One of the biggest mistakes is treating everyone on your list in the same manner and using spray and pray approach, instead of knowing your audience and then tailoring your message accordingly. Batch and blast messages are no longer effective to convert customers. If your messages are not relevant subscribers won’t welcome you into their personal space. So, make sure every message you send to your subscribers is unique, valuable and targeted.

The key to crafting great messages isn’t coming up with great offers. It’s about knowing your subscribers, identifying their wants and needs and creating offers that appeal to them. 

3. Your copy needs work

Marketers pay a lot of attention to their email and landing page copy, but when it comes to crafting their SMS copy, they don’t pay the same attention. Don’t make this mistake. No matter how good your offer is if your copy isn’t good you won’t be successful with text messaging. Given below are few tips to write effective SMS copy:

  • Make brevity your best friend as text message tops out at 160 characters.
  • Always proof-read your text messages before sending them.
  • Make it relevant and urgent.

Always pay attention to the copy of all your marketing campaigns. Sometimes, simple changes in the copy can make a big difference in the conversion rate. 

4. You are not adding value

Most marketers think that by sending more SMSes, they can increase their revenue. The fact is that more times than not, the more noise you make, the more likely your contacts will start ignoring your messages and sometimes even leave your list. With SMS, you must have a strategy and stick to that strategy as much as possible. Understand your audience and make sure your messages deliver value. Also, try to find out how much is too much as soon as possible and stay within those bounds.

Think quality rather than quantity, if your messages are valuable, your audience will be more likely to engage with them and take action thus helping you achieve your business goals.

Find a way to use your SMS messages to add value for subscribers, so it’s not just about you.

5. Your SMSes aren’t actionable

The most common mistake marketers make when crafting their SMS copy is assuming people will know what to do when they read the text message. But no matter how good your copy is if you aren’t making it very clear what action you would like your customers to take they won’t take it. This means every text message you send to your customer should include a clear call to action.

Don’t just include a CTA in your message but make it the focal point of your message.





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