5 Emails That Can Inspire Loyalty in Your Customers

Creating a loyal customer base is very important for every business as the cost of acquiring new customers, according to many surveys, runs five to six times more than the cost of retaining existing ones. Since you cannot meet your customers face to face, email is your best bet to engage your users. Sending emails to the ones who have already purchased from you or have subscribed to your site and have shown an interest in purchasing from you can definitely work. But, sending tons of emails to your customers or subscribers just to stay connected can backfire if not done properly. Your email campaign should be designed in a manner that they can help you in brand building and build trust with your audience..

Checkout these email loyalty campaigns to nurture your prospects & customers and drive them back to your site time and again.


1. Back in Stock Email

Back in stock emails is a great opportunity to reconnect with audience whom you have lost once by reminding them that the item they wanted to buy earlier is now available. These emails are a great way to increase sales & build brand loyalty as they look more like a customer service message triggered to let them know that you’re interested in serving them. The chances of conversion of these emails are also relatively higher as you are promoting relevant products to your audience in which they have already shown their interest unlike the promotional emails where you pitch them products left, right & center. Given below is an example of Hotel Chocolat.

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Hotel Chocolat subject line, “Good news from Hotel Chocolat – it’s back!” does arouses curiosity, but it would have been better if they would have included the name of the product in the subject line itself. Customers prefer to see identifying details in the subject line so they don’t need to prod what is it about. The copy of the email is warm, friendly and personalized as it even shows you the date on which you have asked them to notify when the item is back in stock. The copy features the image and price of the item with a clear call to action button to encourage you to take the desired action.


2. Birthday Email

Reaching out and making a connection with people is important if you want them to become your loyal customers. Birthday email offers you a great opportunity to do that as it gives you a touch point to stay connected with your recipients and show them how valuable they are for you. Here is an example from LifestyleLabels.

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Personalised emails


LifestyleLabel knew that sending birthday emails are a classy way to delight the customers. The design of the mail is fun and upbeat and they have clearly highlighted the discount code to boost loyalty.


3. Reorder Emails

Reorder emails are sent as a reminder to your old customers who have earlier purchased a product that needs to be replenished in certain time. It gives you a chance to serve your customers and build brand loyalty by showing them that you care about their needs and requirements. Consumable products like lens, sanitary & cosmetic items, printer cartridges etc. fall in this category where regular reordering is required and reminding customers to purchase these products slightly before they run out of it will encourage them to shop from you again and will help you in making them your loyal customers. Here is an example from 1800Contacts.com.

Loyalty emails

re order email campaign

Lenses are a type of product which need regular replenishment. 1800Contacts uses this opportunity to encourage repeat sales by reminding the customers in advance that its the right time to reorder. The mail is personalized and relevant as its based on buyers purchase history. Also, the service oriented copy of the mail inspires loyalty.


4. Anniversary Email

Sending an email to your subscribers when they have completed an anniversary with your site is a great way to keep your brand top of mind and show them how valuable they are for you.Every business can and should take advantage of anniversary based campaigns to encourage repeat sales. Normally these emails should be sent after a subscriber completes six months or more with you. These emails are great because they offer you another touch point for contacting customers and sending a personalized message. Given below is an example from ModCloth.com.

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personalised email campaign


ModCloth.com sends this email when subscribers complete six months with them. The design of the email is clean, impressive and appealing and they are offering a discount to make it more compelling.


5. Thank you Email

Customers who have purchased from you deserve a special treatment from your side. Sending a thank you email is a great way to  show them that they are special for you, build their trust, and encourage them to come back to your site to purchase again. Here is an example from Etsy.com.

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Segment email campaign

Sending a thank you email is good but sending discount in it is great as the customers feel special and get motivated to shop more which ultimately will increase their loyalty towards you.


People who have purchased from you or who have shown interest in your product deserve a special attention. Loyalty emails are great to give them some VIP treatment and drive them back to your site. Besides loyalty emails have a considerable higher open and click through rates.




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