5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Website Push Notifications In Minutes

Website Push Notifications

If you run an e-commerce store, the chances are high that you might already be using website push notifications to communicate with your users. Push notifications are a powerful marketing tool to increase your mCommerce sales. But if your web push notifications are not giving you desired results then given below are five simple tips to use your web push notifications to its full potential..

1. Make the headline compelling

When crafting web push messages, marketers only focus on the offer, but they don’t pay any attention to their headline. If you’re doing this, you need to change this approach. Keep in mind that push notifications work in real-time – so the headline of your notification should be engaging and gripping to encourage an immediate response. Your headline copy holds the same importance as your email subject lines; no matter how good your offer is–if your subject line is weak no one will check your offer.

Tip: Try sprinkling some emojis in your headline and it will escalate your opens and clicks like never before.

2. Using FOMO to create urgency

Urgency matters a lot when it comes to the web push notifications, Why? Because push notifications require an instant response and creating urgency with your offer will force people to take immediate action.

How to create urgency?

Well, this mostly comes down to copy. For example, if a prospect has added few items to the cart but hasn’t completed the purchase, send them a push notification offering a 10% discount on their cart items if they complete their purchase within an hour.

Tip:  Create urgency by unleashing the power of your copywriting skills and avoid overused words like “Hurry,” Limited Time Only” to come across as genuine.

3. Time them well

One critical thing to consider when sending web push notifications is timing. If you want your push notifications to drive results, you’ve to send them at the right time. A well-crafted copy and an amazing offer won’t garner conversion if your timing isn’t right. Research says user engagement with optimally timed notifications can be totally off the charts – as high as 80%.

Tip: Test your assumptions; timing that works well for one segment may not work well for the other segments.

4. Leverage personalization

Personalization works. And we all know that. When people receive a personalized message, they feel that it’s created just for them. Personalized notifications lead to higher conversion.

Unsure on how to personalize your web push messages? Here are two easy ways to do that:

1. Use their physical location to personalize your messages. 2. Use their past behavior to send targeted messages. For example, if a prospect has spent a few minutes browsing a particular product category on your site, then, instead of sending him a generalized “take 10% off” message, send him a personalized message offering a “10% discount for the particular product category he browsed earlier.” This subtle change in the copy will boost your CTR & Conversions. Or, if the prospect has checked products of a particular brand, personalize your notifications to promote that particular brand.

Personalized push notifications can make a huge difference in your open and click-through rates.

Tip: Combine location and behavioral messages with username and preferences to make it hyper-personalized.

5. Use an action focused CTA

Every marketing campaign has a goal. And a call to action is the most important step to achieving your goal. A slight change in the language, size, and placement can make a huge difference in click-through. Your CTA copy should not only be clear, specific, and benefit-oriented but it should also evoke a sense of urgency to drive instant action. Because if your CTA can’t push them to take action right away, then it defeats the whole purpose.

Tip: A/B test different CTA copy to find the best performer.

Web push notifications can be a powerful addition to your marketing toolbox, but your success depends on how intelligently you craft your messages. Remember, don’t go for the sell right away or you will push them away forever.


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