6 Secrets of a Good Email Campaign

Email marketing is the most effective way to reach your targeted audiences who have given you permission to be in touch. “35% of online revenue comes from email.” But not every email is designed in a manner that it can make an impact on the mind of recipients and push them to take an action.

To make the email campaign effective marketers should closely observe the audience and consciously create an email copy keeping them in mind. Here are six secrets which when followed can increase the effectiveness as well as ROI of your email campaigns.


1. Use Relevant & Compelling Subject lines

Your recipient needs to open the email in order to increase the likelihood that they’ll check your offer, click on a link or share your content. Subject line plays a very crucial role in determining whether your mails get opened or not making it an extremely important element of an email campaign. “69% of email recipients report email as Spam based solely on the subject line.” It should be crafted carefully as well as creatively in a manner that it highlights your greatest value to induce recipients to open the email. Take this example from ModCloth.com:

The subject line of the mail clearly tells the recipient why they are being targeted which is a good way to increase the chance of people opening it. But, what makes it super effective is that it’s also time sensitive. Relevant and time sensitive subject line is a great way to encourage people to open the email.


2. Segment Your List

Email marketing is one of the best tools available for online marketers for converting a prospect into customer and a onetime customer into repeat buyer. But to get positive results out of it you need to target the right people with right offer.

People have different interests and requirements which makes it extremely important to segment your email list according to their preferences. Also, when you have customers from all over the globe it becomes necessary for you to segment the list on the basis of geographical location. The more effectively you segment your list, the better your results will be.


3. Focus on the Content

The main aim of every email campaign is to send a message but a boring message won’t appeal to anyone. To make your campaigns engaging and worth reading your focus should be on the copy. It has to be crafted in a manner that it can provide value to your readers and keep them engaged. Also, the content should be tailored according to their interests, preferences and actions to make it more relevant.


4. Personalize the Emails

According to Experian, “A personalized subject line increases the chances that an email will be opened”. Personalization also ensures that emails are read further as putting a personal touch in your emails can make recipients all the more interested.

Make use of the details you gather from your subscribers as well as use their browsing and buying history to send personalized marketing offers.


5. Incorporate Clear Call to Action(s)

CTA is undoubtedly the most important element of your email, they will determine whether people will take the next step or not. They should be designed and placed in a manner that they clearly tell the recipients what to do next and can easily capture their attention. Also, make sure that the copy and image of your mail support your call to action. Here is an example from Fab.com:

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Incorporate Clear Call to Action(s)


The design of this email is simple and clean with a neatly designed CTA button, placed on a pristine white background making it visually alluring.


6. Include Social Share Buttons in Every Email

Adding social share buttons in your email is a great way to encourage people to stay connected and gives you a chance to keep them engaged. “Emails that include social sharing buttons have a click-through-rate 158% higher than emails that do not include social sharing buttons.” Take a look at this email from Hipmunk:

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Include Social Share Buttons in Every Email

Hipmunk has placed its social share buttons at the bottom of the email to avoid distractions but at the same time they have been beautifully placed in a manner that they will entice readers to click on it. Also, they will work as secondary CTA for this particular email.










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