7 Secrets of an Effective E-Commerce Welcome Email

Welcome email is a no brainer even for the new marketers and is the first email to be sent out in every email marketing campaign. It also has the highest open and click-through rates. But, the biggest mistake most of the marketers make is, not designing this most common email campaign to get extra conversions. The welcome email is your opportunity to make a great first impression on your subscriber and it should be designed to encourage the recipients to engage with your brand, set the stage for future emails and even make their first purchase..

Take a look at this email from Gilt.com. It’s a brilliant example of how to create a positive first touchpoint along with giving people a clear direction of what to do next.


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Given below are few points which shows why this welcome email from Gilt is an effective example and how you can learn from it to improve your own welcome email.

Subject Line: Welcome to Gilt!

Though there isn’t much for the recipients to click through but this still cut out as an accurate and brief subject line with “Gilt” mentioned in it to build brand identity.


1. Ask People to Whitelist you

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Asking people to add you into their address book in the first email they receive from your side is a good idea. It will ensure your future email deliverability directly to their inboxes. Gilt.com has used its preheader space to ask people to do the same to ensure Gilt emails don’t land up in their spam folder or goes unnoticed.

2. Utilize Space Wisely

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Use every space of your welcome email wisely. As it’s your first contact with your subscriber, the intention shouldn’t be to overwhelm them with information, but at the same time you should not leave out any important information.

Gilt.com has effectively utilized the space from it’s preheader to footer wisely. The header of the email includes two links to encourage referrals and engagement.


3. Include a Clear Call to Action

You don’t have to make a hard sell in your welcome email, so long as you give your recipients a clear direction to take the next step. This email features a prominent call to action button, which is an effective way to draw the reader’s attention and encourage a click. Not only that the focus of the entire email is on the CTA button, “Shop Now” and they have also made the entire image clickable.


4. Include Helpful Links

Gilt.com has included two very helpful links in the copy of the email, “Quick Tips” and “Welcome Video” to guide people through their shopping process. Helping a prospect is a good way to build great relationship and elevates the chances of conversions.


5. Give a Glimpse of Your Collection

Gilt.com has showcased its product range and collection in the second half of the email without being too obtrusive. This is an excellent way to encourage people to explore your collection, especially because this is a welcome email and chances are high that people haven’t checked each and every category and collection of yours. Also, these links will work as secondary calls to action and will induce the recipient to hop from their inbox to your site.


6. Include Social Links

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Call to action

Including links to your social profile in welcome email is a good way to encourage subscribers to stay connected with you and be a part of their social community. Gilt.com has intelligently included the links to their two main social profiles just below the body of the email, as giving too many options will confuse the readers and will dissuade them from clicking on it. Besides you not just want your subscribers to Like/Follow but also want to engage them in conversation on the social platforms you are most active. I only wish the social icons were in color to make them more noticeable and stand out more.


7. Give People an Option to Set Preferences

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Personalized email campaign

It’s always good to ask people which updates they would like to receive rather than blatantly sending them each and every update. The footer of the email gives the recipient a choice to adjust their email preferences. As soon as you click on the link it gives enough choices to pick from. Not only this, they also give you an option to set your email frequency.


To sum it up, when crafted carefully welcome emails offers you an excellent opportunity to engage your subscribers as well as increase your sales.












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