7 Things You Need To Do In SMS Marketing To Be Successful


If you’re doing SMS marketing but not seeing any positive results, and you’re about to drop this channel from your marketing strategy altogether; thinking that this channel doesn’t work anymore. Let me tell you it does. Need more convincing? Check out these stats:

74% of respondents report an improved overall impression of businesses that interact with them via text messaging.

Consumers who are sent text messages have a 40% higher conversion rate than those who are not sent any text messages.

Now you must be convinced that it works and must be thinking why isn’t working for your business. Well, I am about to tell you seven things you might be missing on but you shouldn’t if you want good results from this channel. 

1. Provide value

The mobile world is getting noisier. Don’t make it worse.

Always make sure your message deliver value. Why? SMS messages are very disruptive in nature; they demand attention to your brand the moment they land in your subscribers’ mobiles. According to stats, 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes of delivery. And no one likes getting interrupted unless they’re getting something good in return.

Not providing value with your messages can actually work against you too as these days it’s very easy to opt out from text messages. Also, you don’t want your subscribers to become desensitized towards your SMS messages.

2. Embrace segmentation

The more you utilize segmentation, the better your messages will perform.

No matter how good and well timed your messages are if they’re not relevant they aren’t valuable. Different people want different things what may be valuable for Tom may not be valuable for Jerry.

Segmenting your customers is the key to relevant messaging. But when it comes to SMS marketing marketers often overlook segmentation, as figuring out the best way to compartmentalizing the contacts is tough. To make it a little easier for you, given below are few ways to segment your SMS marketing database:

  • Gender
  • Geographic area or Zip code
  • Past purchases
  • Age

Segmenting your SMS database is not that different from segmenting your email list, but it’s far less practiced.

Segmenting your SMS database Pay Off:

3. Be intelligent with promotions

In an era of marketing overload, promotional messages only work if they’re relevant.

Promotions can be an excellent way to gently push subscribers to purchase. But they’re a great responsibility. If you send too many promotional messages people will get annoyed; no one wants more of the same. Also, if you send the same promotional messages to everyone, it can hurt your business badly. For example, if a subscriber purchased a particular product from your site and you messaged him a discount on the same product he will never purchase at full price again. So, it’s important to be smart with your promotions and send only targeted promotional SMSes.

4. Keep it concise

When writing your SMS copy remember; being crisp is more important than being clever.

Write your text messages with rigor. SMS messages have a limit of 160 characters but, just because you’ve given a certain amount of space doesn’t mean you have to use it all. People get turned off by wordy messages; your copy should be concise and to the point. When writing the copy the emphasis should not just be on being brief, but being clear and action-oriented too. 

The copy is the most important element of an SMS, but it’s often the most ignored one — once written, you should edit it and try to cut your text as much as possible.

5. Update your database

Deleting contacts from your database hurts but not deleting them can hurt you even more.

SMS marketing works but only when it reaches to right contacts. Most businesses don’t update their SMS database for years they forget that people change their mobile numbers all the time. If you have the same list from years, you’re losing money by sending text messages to wrong numbers. 

Update your contact database regularly and delete all the subscribers that haven’t opened your messages in the past few months.

6. Timing is the key to success

Time it right; timing can make or break your marketing messages. 

Sending right messages at wrong timings won’t help you get good results from your SMS campaigns. To get good results consider when your subscribers want to hear from you. Here are some specific questions to ask yourself before deciding the send time:

  • Does a certain time of day make sense to reach out to users?
  • What time zone your subscribers are located in?
  • What time of the day did subscribers prefer receiving your messages (Look at your data to find the best time)?

Customize your delivery time for better conversions; segment your users by timezone to avoid 4 am message mishaps.

7. Integrate SMS marketing into your marketing strategy

SMS marketing is an element of your marketing strategy; don’t treat it as an isolated channel.

SMS marketing must work as a part of your overall marketing strategy. Though this may seem obvious to you, but surprisingly there are many marketers who ignore this simple fact.

When doing marketing, most marketers remain in a channel-focused mindset. They forget to integrate SMS into their overall marketing strategy; don’t make this mistake as this channel like all other marketing channels performs better when integrated into your overall marketing strategy. Not integrating it with other channels can end up pillaging your efforts in other channels.

SMS marketing is as old as the mobile phone itself. And no matter how much the mobile develops; SMS will remain the most intimate feature of the mobile device. If you’re not leveraging this marketing channel to its fullest potential, you’re leaving one of the lowest hanging fruit in your marketing orchard. 


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