9 Effective Examples of Email Marketing

Email is an effective channel when it comes to reaching customers. Also, it’s an extremely effective tool to increase your sales. “Consumers who receive email marketing spend 83% more when shopping.” But, now a days inbox has become a very competitive place so you need to be very creative to get it opened. To make your email stand out in the inbox it’s not necessary that you spend lot on email campaigns, but you can use some simple tweaks to make it look appealing to your audience. Here are examples of few brands who are doing it right and how you can use them as inspiration to design your own email campaigns..


1. Kiehl’s Promotional Email Focuses on Customers Preferences

All brands send promotional messages but this one is slightly different. Most of these types of messages are really nothing more than sales pitches. But, this message does promotion in a very subtle way by simply mentioning products which customers like. The design of the email is very clean and structured and they have used a neutral background to keep the focus solely on the product images.

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  • The pre-header in this email includes the offer and an option to share it on twitter
  • CTA buttons are in direct contrast to the background color to make them stand out in the email
  • The email is creating urgency without taking the focus from the products

2. JetBlue Reengagement Email

JetBlue knows that the cost of acquiring new customers is more than retaining the old ones. This email is trying to re-engage customers by reminding them of their last trip along with giving few more options to drive them to the site. The email is clean and easy to scan with a single but clear call to action. The footer of the email showcases their social platform to encourage customers to stay connected.


email marketing campaigns


  • The footer of the email includes links to their social media profiles & blog
  • The email also promotes its mobile app


3. ModCloth Referral Email is Clean and Succinct

Promotional emails are normally about deals, offers and new products, but this email from Modcloth shows how you can even promote your referral program. Minimalist in design, but at the same time it highlight the referral benefits.


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Referral Email Marketing




  • Catchy call to action button with descriptive text
  • Clearly highlighted incentives


4. Clinique Win Back Email Focuses on New Products

Clinique goes with a different approach for its win back email. Instead of focusing on the offer they have focused on the new products of the brand to show customers what they are missing. They have used product images in the mail to entice the readers to visit back the site again.


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  • Neutral background to put the focus on the CTA button
  • Clever use of images to drive people to their site


5. Madewell Single Focus Promotional Email

Madewell knew that cluttering your email with too many things will take the focus away from the actual objective and will confuse the readers. The email has a minimalist design to put the focus solely on the call to action button. Also, it has only one CTA button which will encourage people to click on it as they have no other place to click on.

Subject line: Meet denim’s very cute cousin

Promotional Email




  • Catchy and creative subject line that set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd
  • Prominent and bold CTA button
  • The footer features links to their Pinterest profile


6. West elm Welcome Email is Aesthetically Appealing

West elm has used an adorable imagery to make the welcome email stand out in the inbox, but they have kept the focus on the offer to encourage viewers to take the desired action. The CTA button is in absolute contrast to the background color to make it more prominent and catchy.

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Effective Email Marketing



  • Lot of relevant links in the footer
  • The email is creating urgency without overdoing it
  • The design of the email is setting it apart from the rest of the crowd


7. Boden Spring Collection Email Says it With Personality

A simple and clean email from Boden, but they have embedded a simple animated .gif image in it to make it eye catchy. The email has a clear, repeated call to actions and individual links to both her and his collection. The pre-header in this email includes the offer and the footer includes the link to its app, social communities and mail sharing option.

Email Marketing campaigns




  • Interesting imagery
  • Clearly highlighted offer in pre-header as well as on the top  of the email


 8. Banana Republic Wants to Stay Connected

This email from Banana Republic is short and sweet, with just one call-to-action “Update Your Profile”. This is a simple way to get information from your email subscribers to send more relevant and personalized offers in their inbox, which ultimately will increase your open and conversion rates. They have included few links in the footer of the email to help readers, as well as encourage them to shop, but don’t come across as sales-y.




  • Clear and to the point subject line
  • Trust building by asking the recipients to add the brand to their address book to ensure deliverability.


9. Kate Spade Welcome Email is Hard to Miss

Kate spade proves that simplicity can be very appealing and it has effectively used its welcome email to tell people what the brand is all about. The neutral background and bold photography makes this email simply stunning and eye-catchy. The offer is clearly highlighted to induce people to take an action.

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Effective Email markting



  • The footer includes links of its social profiles to encourage people to connect and engage with it in more ways.
  • Beautiful imagery



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