9 Reasons Why Online Publishers Should Focus on Building an E-mail List

As a online publisher, you are constantly striving to engage with your audience on so many levels that building an e-mail list often falls off the radar. But if you are not doing this right, it can cost you a lot in the long run. Having a strong email subscribers base is the most important tool you need to get your message heard and build a loyal readership.

“If you aren’t building an email list, you’re missing out on the most powerful and consistent way to drive repeat visitors and customers to your website or blog. With an email list, you become less and less dependent on external sources of traffic, and gain more ability to interact with your blog’s audience.”-

Corbett Barr from Think Traffic

Even in this age of social media, email is the most effective way to connect with your target audience online. As they say, ‘if you have the list you are in the business.’ Let’s see how:

1. Helps you build a tribe

You may generate high volume of targeted traffic on a daily basis but you can’t really count on them unless and until you get them listed. When the visitors subscribe to your email and newsletters it means they not only like you but trust you. Winning readers’ trust is a huge achievement for any publisher. In a way, building a long and ever growing email list is nothing but working towards creating a huge loyal fan base.

2. It’s the most effective way to communicate your message

Email is the oldest yet most effective way of communication. Even people who don’t have an active social profile, have at least one email address at their disposal. Now a days you have different social media platforms to get your message heard and amplify the reach of your content, but the first thing all the social networks ask for is your email address. Email is the sure shot way of effective communication. As a matter of fact, you may not log into your Facebook/LinkedIn page daily, but most of you religiously check your mails every day, that too multiple times on many occasions.There are chances, you might miss the latest update from your Facebook friend then missing an important email.

And, at times, email is the best way to get instant gratification. In a split second, your message will be delivered to your customer’s inbox and within a couple of hours you might obtain a response.

3. Best tool for building and maintaining relationship with your readers

Building and maintaining a relationship with your audience is very important for every publisher. And email is the most effective way of developing a personal relationship. By building a list of people who have already given you their permission to send them your best content, you have a better chance to build a healthy relationship. Also because of the fact that emails are private your readers can openly share their opinion, comments, problems and demands without any hesitation. When the nature of a conversation is casual and the topic is of mutual interest building relationship becomes easy, and nurturing it happens effortlessly.

4. Way to bring more and more repeat visitors

One of the most important mantra to build a loyal readership base is to focus on sustaining your existing readers besides getting new ones. And regular emails help you stay connected with your readers. In this social media age, it requires a lot of hard work to encourage the readers to come back to your site time and again. But a mailing list makes your work blissfully easy by reminding them of your presence and stay on their radar.

5. Helps to build your brand

The readers who have subscribed to your emails, consider you as an expert of the subject. Not only that, they trust your content style which makes it easy for you to experiment with your content without being scared of losing loyal readership. You can also try to diversify your content in other related verticals with confidence, as you know, these subscribers will share your newsletter with their colleagues, family and friends further. Analytics will show you which style your subscribers prefer so you can optimize your content as per their style.

6. Very less chance of spamming

Mailing lists are mostly opt-in lists now, that means the lists contain only the email ID’s of those who have subscribed for your newsletters. Naturally, there is very little of the mails getting trashed as spam mails.

7. Helps you reach your target audience quickly

A well built mailing list comprises of a host of happy subscribers who love to hear from you. At times, when you need a fast response on a campaign, a mailing list comes very much handy at that point of time. By using few software tools, you can even trace the response of a user, even if she or he does not reply.

8. Extremely cost effective as a marketing tool 

Email marketing is considered as one of the best marketing tools which can reach a wide range of audience, in the shortest time span, making the recipients react instantly. A customised mailing list can help you achieve better results with targeted marketing. Apart from this, email marketing earns the maximum ROI considering all the other traditional marketing tools as it doesn’t requires any initial investment. As a publisher, there would be times where you want to reach out to your audience quickly for any marketing campaigns you would like to run. Your email list is your best friend here.

9. Sponsors and Advertisers love your marketing list 

‘What’s the strength of your mailing list’ or ‘how big is your email list?’ –this is a question many of you must have faced while talking to your sponsors and advertisers. The reason is very clear; email is the most effective tool to deliver your message to your loyal readership base which is further capable of creating a huge buzz. If you have a long enough list to share with, you are going to crack a better deal for sure. Literally “the money is in the list!”

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