Best Upgrade Emails for SAAS

Upgrade emails are one of the best ways for SaaS companies to increase sales. It’s a great way to encourage your users to pay or use the features they might not have used yet. For most online subscription businesses, it’s fairly easy to get users to sign up for free, but it’s very tough to get these users into the conversion funnel and get them to pay for using the service. Most SaaS businesses overlook the importance of personalised upgrade emails, so here are few inspirational upgrade emails to learn from.

These emails are a gentle reminder to your active users asking them to upgrade their account. You can showcase premium features and describe their benefits to encourage your free users to go for the upgraded version.


1. Buffer Upgrade Email is Engaging & Convincing

Buffer knows how to win over people with content & creative campaigns. The structured email isn’t sales-y at all but is a testimonial to buffer app’s popularity. The upgrade call to action is clear & strong with a motivating & unique call to action “Upgrade to Awesome.” The copy makes it all about the value. At the same time, it also nudges you to get back into action right away.


2. Contentful Upgrade Email is Convincing & Includes an Offer Too

Contentful upgrade email has all the right elements to make it sound convincing & increase conversions without coming across as pushy. The email has a personalized touch as it comes from the CEO & co-founder himself with the subject line “A Contentful thank you note” and an amazing copy that thanks its early users for trying out the platform, builds the excitement with the mention of an upcoming launch, and an exclusive but a limited period upgrade offer for the early users. The catch phrase used on the top along with the image is on-brand to establish brand’s identity. The call to action is clear and strong.



3. Upgrade Email Campaign Includes Refer-a-Friend for Free Upgrade encourages subscribers to go for a free upgrade by including refer-a-friend campaign besides asking them to go for a paid upgrade. The subject line “Your monthly quota has been exceeded” creates urgency with a minimalist copy keeping the focus on the upgrade. Both the call to actions are clear and strong.



4. LinkedIn Upgrade Email Creates Urgency with a Limited Period Offer

LinkedIn upgrade email is all about the exclusive offer. The subject line “Nandini – claim your exclusive offer to supercharge your LinkedIn account!” too is in context to drive more open rates than merely asking to upgrade. The email not just lists the premium benefits the user will get out of upgrading to premium plan but includes a screenshot for maximum impact. The CTA’s are strong and retain the same copy to increase click-throughs.



5. Dropbox Upgrade Email is Straightforward and to the Point

Dropbox upgrade email is concise, clear and to the point. Instead of telling users that they have to upgrade their account if they want to continue using the service, they have used a friendly tone to remind users that their account has reached its maximum capacity but they can always upgrade if they want more space.



6. Basecamp Upgrade Email Creates Slight Urgency

Basecamp email message has built urgency right from the brand logo used on the top. The copy includes complete details of the trial period and the payment methods they will accept in a Q&A format. The email also gives recipient a choice to cancel their account in case they do not wish to use the service further.



7. Squarespace Upgrade Email Gives You More Time to Make your Mind

Squarespace upgrade email is simple yet effective. They have used a conversational tone in the email to give it a personal touch. The email also includes the detail of their basic service plan and the footer includes its blog and social profile links. The call to action is clear and strong.








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