Boost Your Ecommerce Revenue with these Wishlist Emails That Customers Will Love

For ecommerce companies, having a wish list feature is an opportunity to convert visitors into customers even when they are not ready to make an initial purchase. Normally people add products in the wishlist if they really like it but have no immediate need or intention to buy it. But as a retailer what you can do to ensure that they come back to make a purchase is send them relevant campaigns using the valuabale data from their wishlists. They need to be nudged gently to encourage them to return to the site and buy the product..

Most of the ecommerce sites are giving people an option to create a wish list, but they are not utilizing this data to target people and boost their sales. When a customer adds something to their wishlist you can trigger emails with more relevant and personalized offers & recommendations.

People add things in wishlist due to different reasons, such as the item they liked is out of stock at that time; they like the item but don’t want to buy it at the current price, they want to share the item with their friends and relatives for their opinion before making a purchase. As a marketer, this opens up a lot lot of ways to target these people who ahve already shown an interest in your products. And, all you need to do is a little nurturing by sending them emails they would love to have in their inboxes.

Learn how some of the successful ecommerce brands are using this opportunity to boost their sales.


1. Wishlist About to go Out of Stock Email by ModCloth

ModCloth reminds you to purchase item that you have added in your wishlist when it is about to go out of stock. Creating a sense of urgency is a good way to incite readers to take an instant action and hence increase your chances of conversions. At the same time these emails don’t look like sales pitches, you’re providing them a chance to buy a product that they have like liked instead of pitching them left and right with irrelevant products.

Wishlist  emails


 2. Wishlist on Sale Email by ModCloth

ModCloth surely knows that discounts and offers work more when they are personalized. It sends people an email when the item they have added in their wishlist goes on sale.  The great thing about these email communications is that they don’t look generic sales emails and don’t give you a feeling like you’re being marketed to. They look like the brand is really interested in engaging with you and have kept your interests in mind when informing you about the offer.


 Wishlist  emails


3. J.Crew Boosts Word of Mouth Marketing by Encouraging People to Create and Share a Holiday Wishlist

The email is minimalist yet effective, with easy to follow steps and an inducing message showing how others are doing it with a peek in their wishlists. The highlighted message just above the CTA button encourages you to make a wishlist of your own. This email doesn’t aims to sell anything straight away but is designed to boost social media sharing and more referrals this way.

Wishlist  emails


4. Back in Stock Email

These emails are great way to inform people that the item they have liked but could not buy due to non availability is back in stock. These emails are a good way to keep your subscribers informed and engaged and will increase your open as well as conversion rates. Check out the example of this tactic below from ModCloth, it has interestingly created this email message which effectively serves both the purposes of informing the subscriber about the back in stock items as well as creating urgency to shop before it again goes out of stock. The retailer clearly knows that urgency is a great motivator and it will compel people to take an action.


 Wishlist  emails



Most marketers send emails when people have left items in their cart, but forget to use the opportunity when people have added items to their wishlist. By including these four types of emails in your email marketing plan, you can help keep your subscribers interested, engaged and spending.


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