5 Order Confirmation Emails that can Boost Your Engagement & Revenue

An order confirmation email is the first of post purchase transactional emails which a customer receives from your side, so they should create a good impression and build your brand reliability. Also they serve a very important purpose for the recipient as they convey important information regarding the action taken by the user on your site. An order confirmation email details the order placed by the user with your store and helps in reducing post purchase anxiety. These emails have a very high open rate as customers expect and await them. That said, though the primary purpose of an order confirmation email is sending purchase details, these emails are also a great way to encourage repeat sales. So, you should put as much effort in designing them as you do in other transaction emails like cart abandonment and customer feedback emails.

These emails offer you an opportunity to increase sales through upsell, cross-sell, and promote your customers to come back for repeat purchase.  Here are few order confirmation emails done right to get some inspiration.


1. Petco.com is Promoting Best Sellers in its Order Confirmation Email

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Petco.com knows how to perfectly cash in on the high open rates of order confirmation emails. They have used the opportunity to promote deals that entice the customer to buy more. The email includes the retailer’s best sellers to induce people to buy more as people are more likely to buy things that other people also like.

The email is personalized with the first name, the very first sentence says thank you for placing the order which is a good way to show that you appreciate their business. The copy of the email includes the complete details of the order.

The best seller recommendations also includes the original retail price and the sales price to encourage people to go on and shop without being pushy & obtrusive. the marketing content doesn’t overshadow or stray too far from the intended purpose of the email. The email serves its basic purpose of providing the important information first, but without losing the marketing opportunity.The footer of email features links to their blog and social media profiles and to encourage recipients to be a part of their community.

2. Limeroad.com Uses its Order Confirmation Email to Encourage Customers to Stay Connected

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People are more receptive to your messages as soon as they have shopped from your site till few days after receiving the order. Order confirmation emails offer you a great opportunity to tap these customers and turn them into loyal customers by engaging them through social media. This is an easy & effective way to expand your brand’s reach & build a loyal community.

Limeroad order confirmation email is short and friendly. It gives customers an order tracking link along with order important details. The footer includes their customer care contact and address details to instill comfort and trust.

3. Zappos.com Uses its Order Confirmation Email to do Trust Building & Increase Sales

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Zappos.com knew that people remain slightly worried from the time they ordered something online till they receive the the order, as sometimes things go wrong with a purchase and it has to be exchanged or returned. They are making an effort to build trust through their order confirmation email right from the preheader that includes a mention of their 365-day return policy. Also it clearly mentions their free shipping policy both ways to encourage customers to shop more without worrying. Free shipping is one of the best practices to seal the deal online for most of the businesses and is considered to be more appealing to the customers than other deals & discount to get more sales.


4. Old Navy.com Uses its Order Confirmation Email to Promote New Arrivals


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Old Navy knew that whenever someone orders from your site they need to be thanked for making a purchase along with sharing important purchase details. The email is simple but informative. They have personalized the copy with recipient’s first name and the right corner of the email is used to promote its new arrivals which is a good way to introduce customers to your new products and entice them to visit your site again for next purchase. Also, they let you know they’ll send an email with shipping details once they dispatch your order. The free shipping offer too helps in striking an upsell in future.


5. Gilt.com Uses Urgency in its Order Confirmation Email to Compel Customers to Shop More

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Gilt.com rocks by doing everything right in its order confirmation email . The header of the email promotes its mobile app and social media profiles. The retailer has effectively utilized the space below the header to create urgency and induce people to act quickly with a limited period Free Shipping offer.

The email copy thanks the buyer for purchasing from them and includes the details of the order along with the image, prize and description. The right side of the email has been used to push recommended items buyer may like. The mail is creatively designed to accommodate free shipping and product recommendations in an intelligent manner to entice customers to shop more. The recommendation doesn’t dilute the intended purpose of the email but still stands out with the email’s effective layout.


Order confirmation email offers you a great opportunity to provide customer service and simultaneously can also be used to build relationship and engage your audience which in turn will increase the chances of their (audience) being more receptive to your future emails & ultimately result in more conversions.


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