Build Social Media Strategy: The 5 Cs

We live in a digital era where Smartphone, internet and information technology surrounds us now and then. Today technology has a far-reaching impact on technological, commercial as well as cultural landscapes. More often we find people flocking together through social media and emails. As a big chuck of world’s population engages on different social websites, businesses have found a powerful and effective medium to communicate with its target audience. Now almost ever brand and business engage with its customers through social media. Thus, the need of developing precise yet effective social media strategy becomes indispensable. Here are 5 Cs that serve as the basic building block of any social media strategy.


Identifying the target segment is vital in all verticals of marketing. You need to have a sound understanding and a clear picture of whom you want to target. Based on the same you will develop the rest of the strategy. Identification of community seems easy but it is not so. Classifying the correct audience without any redundancy and ambiguity is the real challenge. For example, Linked In and My Space both are into social networking. However, the former is intended for all consumers whilst the latter one for job seekers & professionals.


Content is the engine that pulls any social media strategy. It not only promotes your website, blog or forum but also communicates with your audience. It is imperative to ensure that content is relevant and is updated on a regular basis.


By commenting we mean is engagement with the audience. The more you interact with your audience the more they feel connected. Conversation also provides new and updated content. Moreover, commenting and conversations increases the virility of the post as well as the website or blog. Make a regular practice to respond to your audience queries and feedback.


If you are creating a blog, forum or a website to promote your business then the layout & design of the same is also important. You need to spend quality of time on design as well as the complete layout of the page, blog or website. You need to understand how it would look like and how it would be customer friendly to use. You can have text, images and even videos to share with your target audience. How It will be presented to them is critical to make them ask for more.


Connection is the most important aspect of spreading your social media activities. Make sure you collaborate with the most loyal of your network and encourage them to connect further. You need to have a deep understanding of your target audience. The networking of your social media activities should go on so that you have a bigger audience base of relevant people. Moreover, connect and utilize other social media to increase the genuine virility of your social media activities.

Different people come up with different theories and explanations when inquired about a successful social media strategy. The aforesaid 5Cs are relevant for any social media strategy. If one adheres to them and puts his/her sincere efforts on a regular basis, then the success of your social media strategy is sure.


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