Do’s and Don’ts for SEO amateur

Everyone with an ambition to create a popular website should learn some useful tricks, better to say do’s and don’ts for modern SEO. There are many things that are needed for optimizing a website. There is no fixed or one-time procedure that will ensure higher search engine rank and visibility. It is a set of procedures that are needed to be followed in a continuous manner.

However, by following those do’s and don’ts one can magically increase the rank and SEP of any website with a proper global visibility. And eventually the site will attract more and more traffic.

Things You Should Always Do

Let us discuss the key factors and steps that are very crucial for Search Engine Optimization. These steps can truly help you to flourish your business by ensuring a good position and rank in search engine.

· Do sufficient research:

Before choosing any SEO strategy, you need to know exactly what you are up to. You need to identify the proper and accurate goal of your website, and also you need to find your proper audience to target. Because depending upon the targeted audience SEO policies may vary. Furthermore, you need to understand their criteria and demand.

And after understanding the needs, you need to ensure that the delivered content and other features in your website are satisfying your visitors.

· Provide Good Content:

If one thinks, that just by some techniques or procedures, one can fool the search engine algorithm and can achieve a good rank, it can be a calamity. So the content of the website should be great and sufficient enough to impress the visitors.

In search engine optimization ‘back-links’ are very important. And impressed visitors are responsible for increasing ‘back-links’ of any site. So with a good and relevant content SEO can be a really hard job to be done.

· Do Research on Keywords:

Keyword is very important in search engine optimization. It may sound silly but truly those who are amateurs in SEO have very little idea about keywords. So, you need to research and understand what keyword will be applicable for you website. That means you need to know what kinds of keywords will be searched by the visitors when they are looking for a service you are providing through you website.

· Place proper Links and Tags:

While developing a site, you need to ensure that the internal links and tags are places properly. Internal links are responsible for navigating the search engine crawler to important section of the website site. That is why it is very important in search engine optimization.

On the other hand tags are also very important for providing the search crawling bot necessary information about the webpage and keywords. Meta tags are also very crucial for attracting the search bot to you website.

Apart from those basic tasks you need to create a good and complete site map for the search crawlers. There are many webmaster tools available for optimizing the arrangements of a website which may help in these processes.

Thing You Should Not Do

Not only do’s, but also there are many things that you should not do in search engine optimization. With the release of new search engine algorithms SEO became more strategic and sensitive. There are many things which may lead you to black list or penalties.

· No Keyword stuffing:

Keyword stuffing is an old technique in which a huge list of keyword is stuffed in the Meta tags to fool search bots. Presently Google and many others search engines are taking these issues very seriously. The first thing you should avoid in your website is Keyword stuffing.

· No Hidden texts:

You should never put any hidden keywords in your website to increase the keyword density. Hidden texts or links may increase you rank initially, but once they find it, your site will be black listed and will not be ranked further.

· Avoid duplicate content:

Duplicate content or scrap contents are such contents that are copied from other websites. Google has started to demote those sites which have scrap contents. But if you have such duplicate contents, you can block crawlers from accessing those pages by robot.txt file. But it is advisable not to use duplicate and scrap contents for any website.

· Avoid any kinds of Hacks and Scripts

There are many Black Hat SEO hacks and scripting available that may increase your site ranking without much effort, but no one can achieve prosperity by cheating. Eventually the search engines will track down the tricks, and it will ban you.

· Avoid Link scheme

You should not follow any links schemes, where some other fake website or blog will link to your page. Those fake linking schemes are detectable in new search algorithms. So, it will only spoil you chances rather than helping.

Only by following those honest and true efforts one can get ranked in popular search engines and can boost up their businesses. There is no short cut or back doors in SEO techniques that will get you a good search engine position in a short period of time.

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