Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails

Abandoned carts are not always an opportunity lost; ecommerce sites have a chance to win back those lost customers by sending them an email offering a limited period offer, free gift or reduced prices to gently nudge them to finish their incomplete transaction.

Here is a list of some of the fabulously executed abandoned cart email campaigns to get inspired.


1. Kate Spade Abandoned Cart Email Offers a Discount Off Next Purchase

Kate Spade sends a reminder email to their customers that they’ve left an item without purchasing, and also included in a 15% discount coupon to stand out! The email also includes a direct link to the shopping cart besides including inks to some other products the customer might be interested in.



2. Ralph Lauren Abandoned Cart Email is a Gentle Reminder

Ralph Lauren sends a gentle reminder email arousing urgency so that the lost customers are tempted to complete their incomplete transaction.



3. Purity Products Abandoned Cart Email Offers Discount & Free Shipping

Purity Products offers a promotion code for free shipping besides offering a discount to earn back the lost sales.



4. Cox & Cox Abandoned Cart Email Includes Your Selected Items

Cox & Cox knows that showing your selected items images will help you recall the transaction that you’ve left incomplete. This surely has a better chance of converting the lost customers.



5. Adidas Abandoned Cart Email Strikes a Strong Emotional Connect

Adidas abandon cart email is designed to strike a strong emotional connect and create urgency to motivate their lost customers to complete their transaction.



6. Airbnb Abandoned Cart Email Convinces Customers to Take a Action

Airbnb abandoned cart email not just reminds their lost customer to continue with the booking but also tries to build trust by including a link to what other people have said about them. Besides the vacation rental portal also includes links to few other places you might like.



7. Anthropologie Abandoned Cart Email Tempts with New Arrivals

Anthropologie abandoned cart email is a gentle reminder to continue your shopping. Besides including your shopping cart directly in there, it also gives you a direct link to new arrivals just in case you have changed your mind and looking for more options.



8. PotteryBarn Abandoned Cart Email Includes Address of Closest Retail Store

PotteryBarn goes a step further to target its lost shoppers through geotargeting. The store has included its closest retail store for the local customers, just in case the customer is looking to purchase offline.



9. Dollar Shave Club Abandoned Cart Email is Creative to the Core

Dollar Shave Club, a subscription-based service has designed one of the most creative abandoned cart email that appeals to the customers with its great design, creative copy and builds trust by including testimonials. The Dollar Shave Club even includes its top offerings to help you with the selection process.



10. ProFlowers Abandoned Cart Email Offers Incentives Galore

ProFlowers abandoned cart email is designed beautifully and offers incentives including discount & a vase as a free gift to bring back its lost customers. The email copy also mentions reduced shipping costs as an additional incentive giving its customers more than one reason to come back and complete their transaction. Lastly, ProFlowers has also included other bouquets recommendation you may like.



11. NeimanMarcus Abandoned Cart Email Creates Urgency

NeimanMarcus has designed a perfect reminder email for abandoned cart shoppers. From a perfect subject line to creating a copy that conveys urgency and showcasing new arrivals; the email is simple yet effective.



12. Bed, Bath & Beyond’s Cart Abandonment Email Creates Offer with Urgency Asking for Immediate Action

The retailer has created a great informative message including limited period offers & benefits, including free shipping above fixed price. The footer includes important links and information including the option to set your email preferences.



 13. Nordstrom’s Cart Abandonment Email Pitches Free Benefits

Nordstorm’s cart abandonment message appeals with a personalised tone, “Still thinking it over?” The email also adds a reminder for free shipping & returns to let the subscriber complete his shopping. The email also includes important information regarding exchange and returns to convince you to take quick action.



14. Walgreens Cart Abandonment Email is Personalised & Relevant

Walgreens has personalised their cart abandonment email with first and last name with a brief and relevant copy. The email is highly relevant offering additional discounts on your “Saved Items.” Additional offers are highlighted too with strong call-to-action buttons to grab attention.












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