Email Marketing: 3 Creative Examples to Get Inspired

Almost every company is using email marketing to engage their customers and retain them better. But, not everyone is getting the results they are hoping for. Well, why?

With more and more brands fighting for your recipient’s attention, the success of email marketing campaigns boils down to just one thing: how good your email campaigns are to stand out in an inbox overloaded with marketing emails.

To grab attention, your email campaigns need to be creative. Email marketing has little value without creativity. So, here are three examples of creative emails (from Welcome to promotional to browse recovery) to take inspiration from.

1. Fashion To Figure: Promotional Email

Promotional Email

Subject line: Cakes on a Plane!

Email Marketing

Creative subject lines can increase your open rates. Subscribers usually decide whether to open an email or not by its subject line (especially in the case of promotional emails). “Cakes on a Plane!” is not at all dull & boring. Fashion to figure has added humor to its subject line to make it sound exciting.

What’s so great about this subject line?

Well, the aim of this email is to trigger an immediate action, as this is a one-day only sale. The subject line clearly tells that the sale isn’t going to last for long, and that too without using the spam-triggered phrases like Hurry, last chance, today’s only, ends today, etc. But, at the same time, they have supplemented it with their pre-header text in case if recipients don’t quite get it. Very well done! Other than that there’re few more things which make this email worth praising for:

  • The subject line matches the content of the email, and also they have used an attention grabbing imagery to capture customer’s attention and hook them.
  • Their CTA color is in direct contrast to their background color. Which is a good way to make it stand out on the page.

Takeaway: If you want to stand out in your subscribers’ inbox (especially promotional ones), be creative.

2. Fitbay: Welcome Email

Welcome Email

Subject line: Welcome to Fitbay! Let’s get you started

Email Marketing

A welcome email is your first step towards building a new relationship, so it’s an ideal time to make people feel special. Fitbay has exactly done that. They have added my name at the top of the email just below the welcome. The use of a box makes it impossible for me to miss the name. They’ve not slapped my name to the email in the name of personalization, they’ve highlighted it in a manner that makes me feel special. Other than that there’re few more things, which make this email nice:

The step-by-step approach hits the right chord in activating the subscriber from day one.  They’ve used very few words to describe what they want the user to do, but have included a clear call to action with every step which makes it impossible to give it a miss.

Takeaway: Just because everyone is doing first name personalization, doesn’t mean you can’t create a mark with it. Though you have to be creative if you want to capture people’s attention with it.

 3. Blue Nile: Browse Recovery Email

Recovery Email

Subject line: Your Recent Jewelry Search and More?

Email Marketing

If you’re selling online, you must be aware that browse abandonment and cart abandonment are unavoidable. They’re going to happen no matter how hard you try. While almost every brand is sending cart recovery emails these days, there are very few brands, who are targeting their browse abandoners too. Though both of these campaigns can increase your sales immediately. Why? Both of these campaigns are personalized and triggered as a direct result of shopper’s behavior on your site, hence more relevant.

Few good things about this email

  • To the point subject line that makes it clear the email is about the product, I browsed on their site.
  • The email isn’t salesy at all. Bonus points for including few relevant suggestions.
  • Prominent call to action button.

Takeaway: You can convert your browse abandoners into customers by timely reminding them about the product or service they are interested in.

These are just a few good emails. Find more creative email marketing examples here.




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