Email Reminders: Why Your Email Marketing Program Needs Them

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Email marketers are getting smarter by the day. From sending batch & blast emails to triggering emails based on the activity and inactivity of customers in their online stores, in real-time, and across channels, smart marketers are leaving no stone unturned to make their email marketing as contextual and relevant as possible. But just sending different emails in your email cadence isn’t enough; you need to implement them properly to leverage the most out of your email sends.

A marketers’ job is not just to get people’s attention but also to drive them to take an action, whatever it is you want them to do. But as a marketer how are you supposed to keep your subscriber’s attention and get them to take the next step? For example, if you’ve triggered a welcome email to your new subscribers, offering them a coupon to get them to make their first purchase, but they never returned to your site after the first visit, what’s next?

Well, as a marketer, your business is of utmost importance to you, but to a customer, your business is just one of many. That’s why it’s important to remind your customers of who you are and what you’ve to offer. And, at times, all it takes is a simple reminder to gently nudge your customers and remind them of what they’re missing out.

So, whether it’s a limited period offer or one with no strings attached, you need to be proactive in reminding your customers to avail it while it’s there. It’s much like how you set reminders before every important event to make sure you don’t forget about it; email reminders is your chance to ensure that your customers won’t forget about your business.

Email marketing has 2x higher ROI than cold calling, says MarketingSherpa.

So, make the most out of your emails. Almost every email campaign series has reminders at its disposal. Let’s check out few campaigns that can benefit from sending simple email reminders.

1) Cart Abandonment Reminders

With an average of 70% of potential buyers abandoning their carts, cart mailers are one of the most important emails that every e-commerce marketer needs to deploy to increase their conversions.

For those of you who are triggering an email to those shoppers who’ve left items in their cart, you’re doing a great thing! But, what could make your cart recovery more effective is adding 1-2 reminders to your cart series spaced out over a week or two to recoup your lost revenue.

A successful cart abandonment series could look like this:-

abandoned cart email

So, rather than just sticking with the basic abandoned cart email with a discount offer to lure customers to complete the purchase, send them 1-2 reminders to make sure your discount offer doesn’t get lost in oblivion.

And, even if you don’t want to condition your customers for discounts in your first cart abandonment email then only if your visitor doesn’t convert, you can send the second email in the series that includes an incentive and the third email in the series can create an urgency around the offer.

2) Welcome Series Reminders

Every retailer is sending a welcome email. Period. But a very less percentage of retailers are sending a welcome email series. A welcome series is the most effective way to prime your customer base for your email program. By spacing out your email series, at least, three times over a set period, you can maximize engagement opportunities with your subscriber right from the start.

Here’s how you can guide your new subscribers deep down into your sales funnel. Every email in the welcome series should have a single goal of engaging your subscribers. So, if you’re offering new subscribers a discount, remind them about that discount in subsequent emails. And even if you’re not offering a discount, send a reminder email highlighting your returns and exchange policy to build trust.

Welcome Series Reminders

3) Win-back Reminders

A win-back email is your best bet to reactivate your dormant subscriber base. One of the most important email metrics is email engagement, so it’s very important to look at the inactive subscriber base to make sure your email open rates doesn’t suffer because of them. Also, most of a marketer’s budget is spent on acquiring new customers, but if you’re not making an effort to retain them, then you are throwing your marketing budget down the drain.

Instead of sending a single win-back campaign, sending a win-back series multiplies your chances to re-engage your subscribers and is a surefire way to increase your email open rates.

Tips: Before you activate your win-back email cadence, First, you should not send any other emails (including promotional) before your re-engagement campaign. So, when they receive win-back messages from you, they will pay more attention.

A great win-back cadence can feature anywhere from two to three emails.

Win-back Email Reminders

The way to boost your conversions is to boost your engagement. And a win-back series is your best bet to motivate your inactive subscribers to come back and shop with you once again.


Growing your messaging from a single touch to a series not only gives you multiple touch points to interact with your subscribers but also makes it a lot easier to communicate your message effectively rather than cramming all of it in one email.

As a marketer, you’re constantly figuring out how to engage your customers at every step of the customer lifecycle through email marketing, and reminders in your email campaigns give you a chance to follow up while creating urgency.

Setting reminder emails in your triggered messaging can help you in optimizing the reach of your message, and most importantly, more engagement.






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