5 Simple Push Notification Hacks to Increase Your Click-Through Rates

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Are your push notifications generating the response you want them to?

Perhaps you are not getting enough clicks on them, or they’re not generating any revenue for your app. No matter what it is, don’t lose hope and curse your luck.

Though achieving a good ROI from your push messages isn’t easy especially in this fast-paced mobile era, where an average person has 60-90 apps installed on their phone, and everyone is vying for the same eyeballs. However, there are a handful of push notification “hacks” you can use to engage your users and get good returns.

Try these hacks the next time you send push notifications to improve your click-through rates.

1. Stop blasting all your push messages at the same delivery time

It’s well known that push messages can increase your app engagement and hence retention.  But many marketers forget that they have to reach the users based on their time zones. In fact, I’ve analyzed push notifications from a lot of international brands, and they haven’t got even this basic thing right. They are sending push messages without paying attention to the time zone their users are located in.

Timing is everything. A push notification that does not take into account the time zone and the preferred time of its users is not going to get their attention. All of us have been the victim of getting brand messages at the wrong time (early morning, midnight). The failure to send messages on personalized timings will annoy users and force them to opt out of your push notifications and might even force them to uninstall your app.

Examples of wrong timing

You are not going to get any results from your push notifications if users don’t see them. And chances of people checking your messages way past midnight are very less. Not optimizing your send time is one thing, but blasting your push notifications at an inappropriate time should be a criminal offense (just kidding).

Timing can make or break your marketing messages. Send-time optimization is the key to engage your users with timely and relevant messages for every user.

2. Use advanced personalization

Everybody loves a personal touch. A push message is much more likely to be opened when it’s highly personalized for the user receiving it. Though most of us know this but, in reality, there are very few brands who are going further than first-name personalization. Why? Advanced personalization requires you to collect actionable customer data including browsing data, customer preferences, and demographics data like gender, age and location too. But there are very few brands who’re intelligently using their sign-up forms to collect these details. Given below is an example to show you how to and how not to use your sign-up form fields:

3. Be action oriented

Effective marketing leads to action. But when it comes to push notifications, it is easier said than done. With small space, many brands struggle to insert an action oriented message and miss the mark. Marketers need to guide their prospects with a call to actions and a clear message. If your customers aren’t clear about what action you want them to take, then they will only regard it as an interruption and will simply ignore it.

Now you can even have more than one action button in your push messages. The only rule to do it right is linking each call to action button to its landing page instead of generic home page targeting.

SaksFifthAvenue, the multi-brand luxury retailer, has correctly utilized its limited space. In addition to telling users what is in it for them, the push notification includes an inline action button so users can take the desired steps from notifications.

4. Inject emoticons into your push messages

A well-crafted copy can make a huge difference in push notifications open rate, in fact, it is one of the keys to its success, but unlike email, you’ve very limited space to show your copywriting skills here. So, try to include emojis in your message (if it suits your message) to convey your message in fewer words.

Emoticons are your best weapon to make your message stand out and express it in fewer words.

5. Provide value

Last but not the least your push messages should provide value. If you keep sending valuable messages, then users will start opening every message you send, and your click-through rates will sky rocket. Though trust doesn’t build overnight so, plant the seed and be patient.

If on the other hand, you’re only blasting them with promotional messages, all the time — they will start ignoring your messages. Sending highly targeted messages is one of the best ways to keep your click-through rates high.

Once a user opts-out of your notifications in the push settings, you will lose him permanently, so implement these hacks above to make your push notifications more effective.



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