Future of Search and SEO

Google Search is currently the most important thing we use in the internet world. If Google is down for even a minute or so, it seems like we have been lost the forest with a compass. But many people around the globe really don’t know the true mystery of Google, they simply use it because of it convenience. Google uses almost hundreds of elements and algorithms to create this intelligent and efficient searching mechanism.

Depending upon the Google’s search engine algorithm another parallel technology had evolves that known as SEO or to be precise Search Engine Optimization. But like any other technology and science around us, Google is also changing with time. It keeps upgrading to provide a better service.

The Future of Search Engine

You may have seen a Funny Picture of Google Search in many websites, where it shows after a long periods of time, in future Google letting their user to search among anything from ‘Your Past’ to ‘Your Brain’. Well it was a joke, but think aren’t we going to that very future when we see Google’s solving mathematical problems or plotting the graphs for given functions?

Google upgrading themselves and their algorithms so effectively that it becomes kind of almighty of internet world. And that is the future of a search engine. In the future search engine is not going to be just a tool for searching website names, it is actually going to maintain and deliver the most important piece of information to everyone whenever they will need it.

New features of Google Search

Google has released many new updates that have changed the entire search experience since last few months. In the present algorithm which Google use to rank the pages and website is more efficient and resistive against unethical means of search engine optimization. The new features included in Google Service are:

  1. Page Preview: User can view a Preview of the listed page without opening it.
  2. Instant Search: Google search starts to show results and suggestions from the very moment one starts to type something is the search bar.
  3. Google Math Tools: Google is now also capable of solving equations of plotting graphs for the mathematical functions inside the Google search.
  4. Dictionary: Google also provide the definition and other grammatical information on any word searched in Google.
  5. Better Search Result: Google currently blocked all low quality sites with fake and scrap contents, and thus provide a better search result to the Google User.

And I personally have noticed that truly Google Search has become more efficient and intelligent. It is not bounded to keywords searching anymore. Sometime I write an entire question on the search bar and surprisingly Google comes up with answer to that query. So I can truly say that Google has upgraded a lot in the last few months.

From the above discussion we are getting a clear picture on the present advancement of search engine technology. And it is needless to say that all those technologies are going to be enriched more and more in the near future.

But along with the new up-gradation and development of new search and ranking algorithm, SEO techniques are also getting affected. So along with the search algorithm search engine optimizations is also forwarding towards its future version.

Evolution of Search Engine Optimization

It was a time when SEO was bound to keyword stuffing or creating fake backlinks etc. Many sites with fake and low quality content could get higher rank than an original website. But now the scenario is completely changes.

Google has already released some updates like Panda or Penguin that are intelligently reinforced to fight against Black Hat SEOs. The panging logics and procedure is also changed a lot. So SEO techniques can’t just stick to the old strategies. That is why along with the search engines like Google or others SEO technologies also evolving toward a better future.

SEO Tricks that are obsolete now

SEO techniques that worked great with the old search engines are now getting deprecated for their inability to work with the updated Search Algorithm. Some famous SEO techniques that were popularly known as Black Hat SEOs are now completely obsolete.

Some obsolete SEO Techniques:

  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Hidden Texts
  • Link schemes
  • Fake Websites to create External Links


Some SEO tricks are not only out-dated, Google also starting to ban those old tricks. Any website that are using those trick is going to get black listed.

So SEO is also getting changed to stay tuned with the new scenarios. But not only that, SEO is also getting updated and advanced along with the advancing Search Engines and also intelligent enough to work with the smarter search engine of the future. And that is how our very own Internet world is getting more friendly and helpful for everybody who is inside this world.

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