How Betaout Helped FlowerAura Increase Repurchase Rates

Betaout, the all-in-one e-commerce marketing automation software indeed proved to be a boon for FlowerAura. It helped us reach the right customer at the right time.”

Started in the year 2010, FlowerAura is an online gifting portal that delivers fresh flowers, delicious cakes & chocolates and occasional gifts for in more than 200 cities pan India. FlowerAura prides itself on being a specialist in same day flower delivery across India.

Talking about Betaout, one thing that lays the foundation of every following thing is that Betaout gives a single repository of all activities, events, intent, purchase, browsing history, social footprint and more, that too updated in real time. And not just that, Betaout also gives a complete email solution for sending targeted campaigns, triggered emails or creating an email cadence along with providing mobile responsive templates to choose from by making use of powerful email editor.

Right from the FlowerAura’ Co-founder – Mr. Shrey Sehgal

The biggest challenge that we were facing was with improving the repeat rate. We were facing difficulty in reaching the right customers at the right time. We had understood that each customer had to be segmented properly to be targeted with right communication. When I first met Ankit Maheshwari, Co-founder – Betaout, I had a word with him about it, and he assured me that he had the perfect solution to it. So, when he told me about Betaout, I signed in within an hour. And it helped us overcome the challenge.

We have been using Betaout for past two years now, and undeniably it has been extremely useful in improving the efficiency of various campaigns that we run on different channels. Moreover, the detailed insights on the user-behavior have widely helped in the better analysis of the target audience and therefore, improvised segmentation. Features like “Automation” and “Time-Lag” have been of immense help as they helped in saving time and increasing efficiency.

The Features that helped us drive growth are- 

1. Customer segments

Betaout not only provides a detailed analysis on the user-behavior but also segregates them into various unique segments, thereby assisting in making the targeting more specific.  It helped us in sending targeted communication to each user that gave us better ROI’s on the campaigns. This feature also helped us improve our email inbox delivery rates because it opened ways to send more targeted and customized emails to the users.

2. Integrating marketing channels

The advantage of integrating various channels on the user behavior basis the past activity on different channels was something unique with Betaout. Here, we could integrate email marketing, SMS marketing, Live Chat, on-site marketing and browser push notifications, which helped us work with a single tool.

For example, we sent SMS reminders to the users who didn’t open our emails and vice-versa. Integration saved our marketing team from the cumbersome work of handling four different tools.

3. Right time to connect feature

Another important feature that Betaout provides is the data analysis of the customers according to the time i.e. it provided us with the analysis of the time at which a particular customer is most active and so on. Hence, basis the same, we could connect with the customer at the right time, thereby, increasing the overall effectiveness of our campaigns.

4. Automation feature

In today’s digitized world, every e-commerce company has a need for automating marketing actions. With marketing automation at Betaout, we got access to powerful features like multi-step campaigns, lead scoring, campaign scheduling and analytics, which ultimately means Betaout worked for us even when we were asleep.

5. Excellent support team

The Support team of Betaout offers utmost diligence in strategizing the various campaigns. They helped us start retargeting and re-accusation campaign that helped us convert inactive users into an active user, which was one of the most successful campaigns we have ever done. Special thanks to account manager Deepank for his valuable inputs.

Last but not the least, one major reason that attributed to our success with Betaout is the flexibility that team possesses. It is always open to new ideas and experiments. It keeps evolving the product as our needs and requirement of the time.

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