How to Create a Lasting First Impression with Your Welcome Email

A welcome email is one of the most powerful tools in your email marketing toolbox.

According to the Demac Media, welcome emails have 320% more revenue per email than other promotional emails. 

And 75% of your new subscribers expect a welcome email. 

After reading this, you must be convinced that welcome emails are a critical component of your lifecycle email marketing. And, when used correctly, they can add serious momentum to your email marketing. But when you sit down to write your welcome emails, you may feel confused what to include or what to exclude.

To clear up any bewilderment here’s a clear 3-step process to get you started.

Step #1 – Give your new subscribers what you have promised them:

Encouraging people to join your email list is tough. Today’s shoppers are cautious in sharing their email ids, as their inboxes are already overloaded with emails. You need to bribe them to share their email ids, after all, no one can turn down the free stuff. But, that doesn’t mean giving anything, and everything will work.

Building a successful email list requires you to give people something they find worth sharing their email addresses. In general, the more valuable your offer is, the more likely they are to opt in.

If you’ve promised your new subscribers something at the time of sign-up, honor your promise the moment they complete the sign-up.

Here is an example from James Allen:

Subject line: $100 Off Your First Order | 

This straightforward subject line succinctly explains what is in for me. Clean in design they have included an offer at the top of the email to give subscribers what they’ve promised before they navigate away from the email. 

TIP: Give them what you’ve promised them but at the same time don’t forget to welcome them in the same email as this is their first interaction with your brand as a subscriber. 

Step #2 – Introduce new subscribers to your brand:

People sign-up for an email list when they want to know about that brand. It’s essential to introduce new subscribers to your brand in your welcome email or at least in your welcome series as this is the time when they’re quite interested in knowing more about your brand. Sometimes subscribers become inactive after signing up because they don’t see the benefits of being on your email list. Reminding them of everything they can get, as well as introducing them to your brand is a great way to move them forward in the buying journey.

Take a look at this email from 6pm:

TIP: Welcome emails are the first email which gives you the opportunity to introduce subscribers to your brand, so don’t miss the chance.

Step #3 – Include a clear CTA to inspire action:

Whichever email you’re sending, whether it’s a welcome email, a promotional email, or a cart recovery email, you should encourage your subscribers to take action.

Well, how can you do that?

Focus on a specific goal and make it clear what you want them to do.

Given below is an example from Charles&Keith:

TIP: There should be a single CTA in your welcome message as emails with a single CTA have better click rates.

It’s not necessary to include the first step if you haven’t promised them anything at the time of sign-up. But, your welcome email can consist of the rest two steps, or a few more, depending on your goals and needs. The most important thing is to send a timely and engaging welcome email to your new subscribers.




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