How to Engage Your New App Users In 3 Easy Steps

Getting people to download your app is hard. Encouraging them to use and keep your app is just as hard, if not harder. The path to converting and retaining new mobile app users is to engage them early; that is why customer engagement is more important than ever for marketers. And every marketer is constantly trying to master the art of engaging customers to develop meaningful relationships with them. Given below are three steps you can take to engage your new app users early.

 1. Set up a series of welcome push notifications

When a new subscriber joins your email list, you send him a welcome series. In the same way, when someone installs your app you should send him a welcome message or a series of messages over the course of the first few days. The idea here is to stay top of mind and engage them as early as possible.

Sending a welcome message in real time (In-app or push) is an excellent way to engage new users. But marketers often overlook push notifications and in-app messages in favor of email. I know this by experience because I have downloaded the apps of many online retailers including the luxury retailer SaksFifthAvenue and fashion retailer ModCloth. But, only received a welcome email from them and that too wasn’t targeted as ModCloth wants me to download their mobile app again.

Another important thing to remember while creating welcome emails for your app subscribers is to customize it not just for the mobile screen but also content-wise. For example, there is no point in telling them to download your mobile app again. Small mistakes like these can make a welcome message feel less personal.

To be effective, you should use multichannel messages to your advantage; combine an email with a push and in-app messages. Welcome messages are no longer just for notification purposes but are a critical part of your mobile conversion funnel (just as onboarding is at the top of your funnel).

Thinking of sending welcome push notifications? Here are some tips to improve engagement:

  • Add a picture: push notifications with the picture have higher engagement rates.
  • Add personalization: use location, gender or any other data you have to personalize your welcome notifications.
  • Add a CTA to encourage action.
  • Brevity is the key: wrap your push messages under 40 characters.


2. Foster user engagement through targeted push messages

One of the biggest barriers for marketers looking to enhance their app users experience is that they have a hard time deciding how to send meaningful messages to their new app users. Since they are new to the app, you have very less data about these users.

It’s normal to wonder how to personalize these messages but the answers lie in the data. Given below are three ways data can help you in connecting with your new app users:

Start with the browsing data: which product categories have they browsed? Have they added anything to their wish list or cart? Remember intent plays a huge role in proper targeting, and you need to personalize based on the intent they’ve shown you if you want to increase your conversions.

Another way to customize app messages is by using the data gathered at the time of sign up (age, gender, etc.). Lastly, you can infer their preferences based on their location.

Remember, each app user is unique, and you need to tailor a personalized message based on the trail of data they’ve left behind. After all, mobile is a personal medium and people expect notifications that are meant for them, not generic blasts.

3. Make sure to keep their attention with timed messages

Push messages are an excellent way to engage users in real-time and gently move them forward to make their first purchase. But with great power comes great responsibility; when used smartly they’ll increase your engagement manifolds, but done wrong they can do more harm than good. As a rule of thumb, you should message to them when you’ve something to offer. For example, the price of the items’ they’ve added to the cart or wishlist has been reduced. Or, they’ve browsed a particular category, and you’ve discounts exclusively on that category. By sending out messages selectively, you will be able to provide real value to your users and will increase the chances of them sticking around.

Engaging your mobile app users is an ongoing process, and you won’t see results overnight. But following these three steps will certainly help you to amp up your mobile game like the e-commerce giants.



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