How to Incorporate SMS Marketing in your E-commerce Business

SMS Marketing

Text messaging is an important channel for marketing because everyone has smartphones these days. It has become a great way for promoting products, particularly in the e-commerce business..

SMS marketing can be used as a form of engagement and marketing. In fact, a study by Open University revealed that around 86 percent of the people in the UK use text messaging every week and 13 percent would feel that people text more than in the past. With this in mind, it is important for marketers to make use of SMS marketing for your e-commerce company.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how SMS marketing can be incorporated into your online store’s messaging and marketing.

Why Should You Look into SMS Marketing?

Transactional Messaging

One of the great things about SMS messaging is that it makes order sharing much easier and convenient for your consumers. SMS marketing can be used for transactional messages along with email messages that contain the confirmation details for orders.

Shipping and Delivery Updates

Once an order is already made, the information about the shipment and delivery details can be shared with customers through text messaging. SMS messaging can be used for order updates and important information regarding any shipment delays. Along with this, you can also text your customers whether their order is ready for pick-up, making such transactions smoother and much easier to automate for the seller.

Improved Customer Service

SMS is handy for customer support as a way to better engage with the customers in real-time. If your customers prefer to use his or her mobile phone to contact you instead of email, your customer is telling you that it’s easier to provide them with better service or upsell through SMS messaging as opposed to email marketing. You’ll see much better customer satisfaction, loyalty, and higher conversion rates as you capture their attention in the platform where they prefer to be contacted on.

New Product Promotions

The use of SMS messaging communication can be a great channel for promoting new products because people are always on their phones. Aside from capturing their attention in a platform, they spend their most time on. In fact, a study by smsbump revealed that  SMS messaging has 98 percent open rates and 45 percent response rates; clicks, replies, and other actions. Email marketing usually has 6 percent response rates. As long as you have the right target market in sight, it’s possible to increase new customer acquisition through this channel. It is also great for customer engagement, as text messaging allows you to reach the customer on a more personal level.


SMS marketing can also be used for promotions such as discounts, sales, and special offers. Several studies show that sending promotional offers through text messaging results in higher open and response rates when compared to other marketing channels, despite the same promotional messaging. If you have freebies that you’d like to give out to potential customers, send targeted or segmented SMS messages with hyper-personalized messaging.

Increase M-Commerce Sales

The m-commerce market is one of the fastest growing marketing segments. In fact, the UK has already estimated the industry to be worth around £4 billion this year, while it made up 11.6% of the $303 billion U.S. e-commerce. This makes it one of the fast moving and growing marketing channels every e-commerce business need to look into and incorporate in their existing marketing strategies.

Incorporating SMS Marketing into your Campaigns

Now that we know how SMS message marketing can help, it’s important to know the factors in play for this form of marketing and how to best incorporate it into your business marketing campaign.

Mobile Environment

The mobile environment is extremely important thanks to a growing shift from desktop devices to smartphones. Text messaging is still the leading type of mobile communication in the mobile world. Consequently, SMS is still more widely used form of communication for most consumers when compared to chat, email, or even video calling.

Open Rates

Open rates in text messaging are very high. Text messaging has a 99% open rate, and 94% of those who open text messages read them in roughly 5 minutes or less.

Number of Non-Smartphone Devices

Although smartphones are now the wave of the future, there are still a lot of people who have old school phones that can’t connect to Wifi or other smartphone features. This goes to show that having a mobile-friendly website is not the only factor to consider when you think about mobile marketing. SMS messaging will help target those consumers who do not have smartphones.

Customer Experience

When it comes to customer experience, we hear more about convenience and communication rather than price. In a study done by Bain & Co., customers are four times likely to switch to a competitor because of unsatisfactory customer service. Another study by Defaqto Research discovered that 55% of consumers are willing to pay a higher price for better customer experience. Use SMS marketing to help reactivate existing customers, ensure their satisfaction, and provide a seamless experience.

Customer Response

Customer response rate is one of the most important statistic rates with regard to mobile marketing. You can judge the success of your SMS marketing campaign through the customer’s response rate. In a study by Text Marketer, customers are a total of 8 times more likely to reply to a text message that has a call to action. Click through rates in SMS rates a total of 19% as compared to email which rates 4.2%.

Competitive Advantage

SMS enabled businesses to have a competitive edge over the ones that don’t have. Despite a huge market for SMS communication, not all businesses take advantage of it. Those who continue using SMS marketing and know how to personalize messaging to specific segments will have a competitive edge over those who don’t do targeted SMS marketing.


Contrary to what most people think, the market and opportunity for SMS communication are still growing, and it can be used as a great tool to reach out and reactivate existing customers.

Please take note that all subscribers must give consent before you send them messages. This means that the customer or the subscriber must willingly give you their number before you can text blast them. If you got them from leads, you must still ask their explicit consent before you start sending them promotional text messages to avoid any legal issues.

Another thing to always remember is that the power of SMS marketing lies within the personal touch and customization that it offers to people. These days, a personal touch is still much widely appreciated, especially with the presence of automated machines. SMS allows you to reach out to your customers and build lasting relationships.

It’s easy to assume that with the presence of smartphones, SMS marketing will eventually die out. The reality, however, is the opposite. In fact, it may very well be the next big thing in mobile communication as auto-responses take over the mobile communication industry.

Personalizing your e-commerce messaging through text will not only help improve and extend the continuous life cycle of each customer but also contribute to improving brand loyalty in the long run.

This is a guest post by the Skubana team.  Skubana  is an all-in-one ERP system and operations platform designed for high volume sellers to run and automate their business. Reach them at with any questions, or sign up for a 14-day free trial.

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