How to Use Popups to Increase Your Subscribers and Conversions

Most people (including marketers) hate popups: they consider them as an obstruction and thinks that they can only annoy visitors. But, the actual reality is very different, when used correctly popups can skyrocket your subscriber’s count and conversions.

Given below are three types of popups that every e-commerce company should use to increase their subscriber’s count and conversions.

1. Opt-in popup

They are an excellent tool for an e-commerce lead generation as they force every visitor to make a yes or no decision to subscribe to your list.

You can use Opt-in Popup in two different ways:

Opt-in popup without offer

They clearly tell visitors the benefit of joining your list, but they don’t offer any extra incentive to entice them to become a subscriber. So, only people who are genuinely interested in your site will subscribe to your list which means you will get loyal subscribers.

If you want to grow your email list at a rapid pace, you shouldn’t go for them.

Here is an example from HouseOfEraser


opt-in popup
Opt-in popup


Few good things about this pop up: They are segmenting their audience at the time of signing up to send relevant messages to them. The benefits of signing up are clearly stated.

Opt-in popup with Offer

As the name suggests, these pop-ups offer visitor something to lure them to become a subscriber. It is a good technique to encourage your visitor to become a subscriber by gladly giving you their email address, name or any other information you require to target them in future. If you want to grow your email list at a rapid pace, this is a good option, but choose your freebies wisely and remember, increasing your list is not everything if the people are not genuinely interested in your products you will not gain anything.


Promotional Offers
Opt-in popup with Offer


Few good things about this pop up: Prominently highlighted offer and CTA.

personalized popup

Few good things about this popup: It gel well with the site as the colors in the popup, and the design is in line with the site’s style. They’ve clearly highlighted the joining offer.

2. Exit-intent popup

As the name says they appear only when a visitor is about to leave your site. The thing that makes them different from the opt-in popup is that they don’t interrupt your visitors browsing they only interrupt their leaving.

The exit-intent technology uses mouse movements of a visitor to detect his intent. So the moment a visitor is about to leave the website, it will trigger a last second incentive in an attempt to pull back the leaving visitor.

Opt-in popups can turn off the visitor as no one likes to see them as soon as they arrive on your site, but with exit intent popups, you don’t turn off your visitor earlier than you need too.

Here is an example from

Exit-intent popup

Few good things about this popup: Engaging and conversational copy. Simple but compelling CTA.

3. Personalized popup

An opt-in popup or exit-intent is an excellent way to capture your visitor email address when they visit your site for the first time. But, what if the person has visited your site earlier, well, you can use personalized welcome back popups to target repeat visitors. With these pop-ups, you can show them that you remember them as well as target them with relevant recommendations based on their browsing history and remind them where they left off. Given below is an example from Zales:


Few good things about this popup: Clean and minimalist in design the focus is kept on the CTA button.

Don’t assume people will remember that they’ve left something in your cart. You need to remind them.

Popups are a great addition to your online marketing toolbox. But, like any other tool, it requires you to learn how to use it efficiently. Also, it requires constant experimentation and iteration to get better results.

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