Email marketing continues to outperform as the most ROI-driven digital marketing strategies for online businesses. According to the Direct Marketing Association, Email has an ROI of around 4,300%. Besides it’s a relatively inexpensive and extremely effective tool to get in touch with your subscribers and bring them to your site to buy.
“Remember that the best campaigns aren’t about you or what you want subscribers to do. They’re about your subscribers and what they want.” Most retailers think about email marketing when they sell a product or service online, but they only think about promotional emails and newsletters when doing so.
Welcome email is a no brainer even for the new marketers and is the first email to be sent out in every email marketing campaign. It also has the highest open and click-through rates. But, the biggest mistake most of the marketers make is, not designing this most common email campaign to get extra conversions.
Creating a loyal customer base is very important for every business as the cost of acquiring new customers, according to many surveys, runs five to six times more than the cost of retaining existing ones. Since you cannot meet your customers face to face, email is your best bet to engage your users.
An order confirmation email is the first of post purchase transactional emails which a customer receives from your side, so they should create a good impression and build your brand reliability. Also they serve a very important purpose for the recipient as they convey important information regarding the action taken by the user on your site.
The most important aspect of email marketing is that it gives you an opportunity to engage your users at every touch point. So show your customers that you care by sending them email campaigns with an aim to build a relationship rather than just to sell. There are a number of triggered emails from welcome to win back which can be used to drive up your engagement and sales.
Email marketing campaign is to increase conversions. But besides having an effective call to action, you must know how to optimize your email campaign to drive your subscribers to take action at the right time. Urgency is one tactic which when used correctly can prove very useful in lifting conversions.