Pinterest Lead Generation: The Definitive Guide
Whether you are a B2B marketer or B2C marketer, social media can be a very effective tool for lead generation. We have earlier discussed lead generation with LinkedIn in detail. And for those marketers who have been ignoring Pinterest for lead generation, assuming its only good for home, fashion & lifestyle stuff, its very important to note that, Pinterest shoppers are spending significantly more per checkout averaging between compared with consistent $80 and $60 orders for Facebook and Twitter shoppers, respectively.This means that there's lots of potential leads just waiting to be engaged and converted into sales. Read More »
In the first quarter of 2013, "the average shopping cart, basket and booking abandonment rate among top 200 retailers was 73.6% (up from 70.7% in Q4 2012)". Not just this, different studies over the years have shown that almost 67.75% of all shopping carts are left abandoned by the online buyers. There can be multiple reasons for shopping cart abandonment, including not properly optimizing your landing page  to drive conversion, a complex checkout process, poor call-to-action buttons. We have earlier discussed all of these factors with their proposed solutions to increase your ecommerce conversions   But there's more to it. Abandoned carts are not always an opportunity lost; there's always a chance to win back those sales by nurturing those shoppers.  In fact, abandoned sales are 10 times more likely to convert. Read More »
We have earlier talked about how to optimize your lead generation with social media. And, if you want to communicate to a B2B audience, LinkedIn is the right social media network you should be on. With over 238 million active and engaged users and business professionals, LinkedIn is the biggest online professional community in the world. As per LinkedIn stats, "approximately 2 new members join Linkedin per second which stands for almost 172,800 new users a day." But to use it effectively, here are some ways to harness the power of LinkedIn and generate leads for your business. Read More »
Every business, marketer, advertiser aims for better conversions; it could be more sales, more leads, more page views or increased traffic on a landing page. But for an ecommerce company, improving their conversion rate can be achieved by optimizing product pages , designing effective landing pages, reducing their shopping cart abandonment  rate and finally, optimizing the checkout process. So, let's now move on to the holy grail of checkout optimization.. Popular Checkout Flow Process It takes 5 to 8 clicks for most of the popular ecommerce sites (excluding clicks required in form fields) to complete the checkout process, and that excludes the clicks required to fill up the forms. Read More »
Every visitor coming from a campaign should only land on a specifically designed landing page for that campaign. Landing pages can be the most conversion-centric pages of a website. These pages will determine whether visitor will buy your product or lose their interest in it. The purpose of a landing page could be to get a click-through, capture email, show specific information related to a campaign or any other value proposition. But, not all landing pages are created equal. Every landing page should be customized to serve a unique purpose. So, without a further ado, let's jump to the tips & tricks for an effective landing page. Read More »
For every ecommerce site, the product page is the most important piece of real estate. Though the goal of every ecommerce site is to increase conversions, the main aim of a well-designed product page is to entice the visitor and enable him to take the buying decision by providing him with a wealth of product information. Online shoppers are generally more skeptical; to convert them into buyers you need to provide rich product information and a superior shopping experience to motivate him to buy from you. Not only that, you have to reassure your prospects that shopping with you is completely safe and secure, and they can trust you with their details. Design of the product pages play a crucial role in the whole conversion process. These pages are actually the 'moments of truth' for your business. Read More »
Generating new leads is important for every business. But with traditional display advertising losing its effectiveness, more and more marketers are realizing the power of social media for lead generation as compared to a communication tool for creating brand awareness. Stats say that social media lead conversion rates are 13% higher than the average lead conversion rate. In fact, as per few industry surveys, B2B marketers are now saying that social media has a bigger impact on lead generation than PPC. But, generating leads from social media is neither easy nor cheap. It can be very difficult to pick right signals out of the noise. You need a proper step by step execution plan to identify your prospects from the crowd. Take a look at the following steps to consider for social media lead generation for your business. Read More »
While a small piece of good advice can take you a long way to build a strong social media community, one bad advice is enough to destroy all your social media efforts. So for once ignorance isn't bliss.  When you're looking for social media do's and don'ts to create a social media strategy you will come across quite a few ideologies that contradict with one another. For example, 'social media automation is sin' against 'automate your social media updates'. Some of them are outrightly wrong, while some are partially incorrect; you have to be careful while sorting the wrong ones. Read More »
According to a stats by the Direct Marketing Association 65% of new customers are not completing their purchases online, and chances are they will leave and never come back. And another stats by Baymard Institute, a web research company in the UK, says 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned. So, the biggest roadblock in the holy grail of ecommerce conversion is shopping cart abandonment.. There are too many different factors that are responsible for a user to leave his shopping journey before the finish line. For example, shopping cart abandonment is higher for high value goods as visitors mostly fill up their baskets to make a wish list.  While, for ‘need’ type items the average abandonment cart rate is as low as 50%. However, at times, your user might be window-shopping, and has no intent to purchase.. Read More »
"Social media is now the #1 activity on the web—just think of all the other popular activities that used to reign supreme online. Now, social media is king." - Erik Qualman Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and consume news online. A study says, 27% of time spent online in the US is spent on social networking sites.It's no surprise that the social media demographics have grown exponentially, over the past few years. And, most of your target audience too is a part of this 1.5 billion social media population. The social media wave is here to stay. So it's very important to strategize before you invest your time and money to boost your social media presence. Read More »