Almost every email campaign is designed to market something, be it a product, service, or content. And no matter how well designed your email is, you need to be clear about your objectives, i.e. what action you want your subscribers to take to increase your email marketing conversions. A compelling call to action is the most important element of an email.
For ecommerce companies, having a wish list feature is an opportunity to convert visitors into customers even when they are not ready to make an initial purchase. Normally people add products in the wishlist if they really like it but have no immediate need or intention to buy it.
Most of the marketers do email marketing with a motive to increase engagement and earn higher revenue, but not all email campaigns are created keeping this in mind. The inbox has become a very competitive place and as a marketer you need to gain a competitive advantage to stand out and stay in your customers' inbox.
  "A typical software company has less than a 2% conversion rate on their free trials." And to alter your customer behavior, email marketing has proven to be the most effective medium to increase your conversions. Not only does the lifecycle emails will drive your conversions, but will also help you drive more engagement with your product.
Stats says, 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email. Promotional emails are one of the simplest and effective marketing tool to keep in touch with your subscribers. Promotional emails can help you announce a new product, new offers, deals and promote your exisitng products to your list members.
Welcoming users with an email directly from the founder/CEO is similar to saying hello to your guests when they arrive at your party. You have invited people to your website/app. Now please introduce yourself and make them feel welcome.
Upgrade emails are one of the best ways for SaaS companies to increase sales. It's a great way to encourage your users to pay or use the features they might not have used yet. For most online subscription businesses, it's fairly easy to get users to sign up for free, but it's very tough to get these users into the conversion funnel and get them to pay for using the service.