“Content is King.” You’ve probably heard this phrase a thousand times but the magic behind creating great content starts with an editorial calendar.  An editorial calendar provides you a framework to build a successful content business.. A newsroom without an editorial calendar in place is solely gut-driven. Everything is in order when there is abundance of news, but imagine days when there is a shortage of news and you face writer’s block. You can’t help but leave your contributors to create content at will. If you have been through such a scenario, it’s time to make an editorial calendar.  An editorial calendar will keep you on the right track and will provide direction to your contributors. Read More »
[caption id="attachment_17" align="alignright" width="344"] Coffee[/caption] So this is how it began: Coffee on a bright Sunday morning in 2005 and various lifestyle magazines sitting idle on a coffee table. The idea to launch lifestyle blogs in different niches and bringing bloggers together just took over my thoughts. Within days we had built a small team and officially opened doors for Instablogs. Our reader base grew quickly. In a year, we touched our first million pageview per month mark and never looked back. We quickly outgrew our 200sqft office and technologies very fast. Many times had to move to bigger servers in short spans. We wanted to scale and sought external funding. We raised $4million in venture capital in 2010 with a business plan to scale our content operation quickly. Read More »
We live in a digital era where Smartphone, internet and information technology surrounds us now and then. Today technology has a far-reaching impact on technological, commercial as well as cultural landscapes. More often we find people flocking together through social media and emails. As a big chuck of world’s population engages on different social websites, businesses have found a powerful and effective medium to communicate with its target audience. Now almost ever brand and business engage with its customers through social media. Thus, the need of developing precise yet effective social media strategy becomes indispensable. Here are 5 Cs that serve as the basic building block of any social media strategy. Community Identifying the target segment is vital in all verticals of marketing. Read More »
There are a lot of misconceptions regarding SEO as it always has an ever-changing face. Many leading search engines change their algorithms almost every day. The spectacular evolution of like social networks makes matters still worse. Some SEO tactics which worked before may no longer be relevant. Some of the top SEO myths are: Need to Post Content Constantly Many people have the wrong impression that they need to post new content constantly to be successful in SEO. It is simply wrong. Search engines are mostly interested in the relevance of the content. Addition of new content comes next. If your content is relevant to the search phrases of users, which is determined by a lot of on-page and off-page factors, then your website will rank high in search results. Read More »