Text messaging is an important channel for marketing because everyone has smartphones these days. It has become a great way for promoting products, particularly in the e-commerce business.. SMS marketing can be used as a form of engagement and marketing. In fact, a study by Open University revealed that around 86 percent of the people in the UK use text messaging every week and 13 percent would feel that people text more than in the past. With this in mind, it is important for marketers to make use of SMS marketing for your e-commerce company. In this article, we’ll take a look at how SMS marketing can be incorporated into your online store’s messaging and marketing. Read More »
Almost every company is using email marketing to engage their customers and retain them better. But, not everyone is getting the results they are hoping for. Well, why? With more and more brands fighting for your recipient’s attention, the success of email marketing campaigns boils down to just one thing: how good your email campaigns are to stand out in an inbox overloaded with marketing emails. To grab attention, your email campaigns need to be creative. Email marketing has little value without creativity. So, here are three examples of creative emails (from Welcome to promotional to browse recovery) to take inspiration from. 1. Fashion To Figure: Promotional Email Subject line: Cakes on a Plane! Creative subject lines can increase your open rates. Read More »
Marketing automation is no witchcraft. But mastering the automation process to send the right message to the right customer at the right time is what distinguishes pros from rookies. Even the most seasoned marketers are guilty of not using their marketing automation platform to its full potential. SiriusDecisions co-founder, John Neeson, stated that 50% of marketers admit they don’t leverage marketing automation to its full potential. So, it’s imperative to set your goals & have a plan before implementing it. Here are some specific ways that I’ve found to be highly effective and should work for you too. Read More »
Every business wants to turn their cart abandoners into buyers. But, when it comes to recovering these carts, most marketers only adopt the traditional approach to sending email reminders to visitors who have not completed their purchase. But, in this multichannel world, there are a number of ways to target these cart abandoners. Though cart emails are an excellent way to bring back those lost shoppers, but if you're sending a single cart recovery email, you're not operating at your full potential? Why? Because there is much more to cart recovery than sending a generic abandoned cart email. Recovering cart is a process that requires a proper strategy. So it's crucial to formulating a multi-channel cart recovery strategy that will touch the customers at various touch points. Here's how to do that. Read More »
Most people (including marketers) hate popups: they consider them as an obstruction and thinks that they can only annoy visitors. But, the actual reality is very different, when used correctly popups can skyrocket your subscriber's count and conversions. Given below are three types of popups that every e-commerce company should use to increase their subscriber's count and conversions. Read More »
The marketing landscape is evolving rapidly; marketers must prioritize to stay ahead. The modern CMO’s have a broad area of responsibility, including acquisition, retention, loyalty, and driving actionable insights from analytics. These data-driven CMOs are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to engage their customers. Here is a look at the emerging trends that will shape up retail experience in 2017. Read More »
Email marketing offers the highest ROI of all marketing channels. But crafting good emails isn’t easy. While most marketers are focused on designing a beautiful email, writing a perfect subject line and a compelling copy, there are still more ways to optimize your emails for functionality, increased engagement and better conversion. Here’s our 8-point list to designing beautiful emails that most marketers commonly overlook. Read More »
“Betaout, the all-in-one e-commerce marketing automation software indeed proved to be a boon for FlowerAura. It helped us reach the right customer at the right time.” Started in the year 2010, FlowerAura is an online gifting portal that delivers fresh flowers, delicious cakes & chocolates and occasional gifts for in more than 200 cities pan India. FlowerAura prides itself on being a specialist in same day flower delivery across India. Talking about Betaout, one thing that lays the foundation of every following thing is that Betaout gives a single repository of all activities, events, intent, purchase, browsing history, social footprint and more, that too updated in real time. Read More »
  In a world where so many different marketing mediums exist, email marketing still rules them all. It has proven to be the most profitable online channel for businesses as it has a higher ROI than any other online marketing channel. According to one research by Direct Marketing Association, email marketing yields an average 4,300% return on investment for businesses in the United States. And, according to Marketing Sherpa research, 60% of marketers say that email marketing is producing an ROI for their organization. That’s why each and every online business needs to capitalize on email marketing. Here are three ways to make your email marketing more effective over time: 1. Build a large email list More email addresses = more conversions. Read More »
Email marketers are getting smarter by the day. From sending batch & blast emails to triggering emails based on the activity and inactivity of customers in their online stores, in real-time, and across channels, smart marketers are leaving no stone unturned to make their email marketing as contextual and relevant as possible. But just sending different emails in your email cadence isn't enough; you need to implement them properly to leverage the most out of your email sends. A marketers' job is not just to get people's attention but also to drive them to take an action, whatever it is you want them to do. Read More »