If you run an e-commerce store, the chances are high that you might already be using website push notifications to communicate with your users. Push notifications are a powerful marketing tool to increase your mCommerce sales. But if your web push notifications are not giving you desired results then given below are five simple tips to use your web push notifications to its full potential..
When people talk about popups they talk about its design, offer, and timing. Most marketers forget to mention one very important element, “ copy.” While that may seem like a small part of your popup, it plays a crucial role in grabbing your visitors’ attention and encouraging them to click on it. It's a marketer's ticket to getting better conversions from their popups.
Email marketing has been the most popular and effective online marketing channel for almost a decade. Stats says, “Consumers who receive marketing emails spend 83% more when shopping. Their orders are 44% larger, and they order 28% more often.
Text messaging is an important channel for marketing because everyone has smartphones these days. It has become a great way for promoting products, particularly in the e-commerce business.. SMS marketing can be used as a form of engagement and marketing.
Almost every company is using email marketing to engage their customers and retain them better. But, not everyone is getting the results they are hoping for.
Marketing automation is no witchcraft. But mastering the automation process to send the right message to the right customer at the right time is what distinguishes pros from rookies. Even the most seasoned marketers are guilty of not using their marketing automation platform to its full potential.
Every business wants to turn their cart abandoners into buyers. But, when it comes to recovering these carts, most marketers only adopt the traditional approach to sending email reminders to visitors who have not completed their purchase.