4 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Emails
Personalization is just one element of an effective email campaign, but it's a very important one. It's a great way to add a human touch to your email and grab your recipient's attention. The basic persoanlization can be done by addressing your customer with his first name in the email, adding a real person's name in the sender's field and adding sender's signature in the email. But for advanced personalization, you need an insight into your customer data. You can make your email messages more relevant by using your subscribers browsing or purchasing history and their preferences. Adding someone’s name to an email is the simplest and the easiest way to personalize your emails and increase your email open and click rates.  When you include your subscriber's name in the email it create a positive mental association between them and you. Read More »
If you're an ecommerce retailer or online marketer, you're probably already sending promotional emails. But, depending on your email cadence, you might be sending your  subscribers a number of promotional emails every month, so here's how you can make these email messages stand out from the crowd? If your emails are well designed they will always capture the recipient's attention. But, in case of promotional emails it’s especially important to quickly grab the recipients’ attention as these emails can be easily ignored or deleted. We have already shown you five striking promotional emails in part 1. Here are five more real life examples to show you how to do it right, so that your promotional emails get the success you are aiming for.   1. Read More »
Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective means which allow you to stay in touch with your customers. But keeping your subscribers actively engaged with your campaigns requires that you make the email relevant and as pleasant as possible for them. This can be done easily by using your customer preferences and actions to tailor your email according to their taste. Personalizing the emails will not only increase your open rates but it will also increase your conversions. As per Aberdeen Group, “Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%”.  1. Personalize the Subject Line  A relevant, concise and personalized subject line will encourage your readers to open your email. On the contrary, if your subject line is not catchy enough your email will be deleted without being read. Read More »
If you ask any ecommerce store owner who is their biggest enemy, the answer would undoubtedly be the shopping cart abandonment.  As per a research conducted by Baymard Institute, on an average 67.89% of shoppers abandon shopping carts. No matter what type of product’s you are selling, if you sell online, you have to find ways to re-engage these lost shoppers to try to finalize the sale. You can’t leave this goldmine undug. Drawing these lost shoppers back to their purchases requires that you reach out to these audience with a targeted message. Crafting a cart abandonment message that convert is not as hard as it seems, if you know what to focus on. Here are few crucial elements which will determine the success of your message.   1. Read More »
If you run an online business, most likely you are already sending transactional emails. Since they’re triggered on the basis of a user’s actions, these emails tend to have the highest open rates across all categories of email. Normally marketers don’t pay much attention when crafting these emails, but these emails can boost engagement as well as sales. As people are more likely to read these emails, there stands an opportunity to increase your revenue by cross-selling your products after a purchase. Here are four such transactional emails to get inspiration from. 1. Welcome Emails This is the first email which a subscriber receives from your side, and these should be designed and crafted to create the right first impression. Also, these emails should encourage people to stay connected and give them a reason to become your customer. Read More »
Every online business sends promotional emails these days and for a good reason: they work. But, not every brand is designing and crafting them in a manner that it captures the attention of its subscribers. Here are five great examples of promotional emails from online fashion retailers who are doing it right. Use them as inspiration to design your own promotional emails.   1. Use Creative Subject Line like Banana Republic Zoom   Subject line: Too hot out? Stay in and shop. As I received this email from Bananarepublic, it immediately captured my attention with its clever subject line. They have also effectively utilized the preheader space which compliments the subject line and exactly tells me what is in it for me. Clean and airy in design, they've used fantastic colors and image to stand out in the inbox. Read More »
First impressions are always important. Your welcome email is the first contact between you and your subscribers and the tone of these emails will play a major role in deciding whether your subsequent mails get opened by the subscribers or not. They should be designed in a manner that they create a good first impression, clearly show recipients the value of your business and encourage them to take a next step. Here are 3 great ideas along with inspiring real –life examples to get you started.   1. Give them Reward(s) to Get Started Incentivizing people is a good way to get them started. Offering them something like a coupon or discount will act as an instant motivator and will encourage them to become a new customer from a new subscriber. Here is an example: Zoom   Subject line: Welcome. Enjoy 20% off your next order. Read More »
Bringing traffic to your site takes hard work and once people are on your site you don’t want them to leave empty handed. But, converting visitors into customers on their very first visit is not easy.  As per stats, “On average, only 2% of customers make a purchase on their first visit to an online store”. Sometimes people visit the site in browsing mode they come to your site browse few thing’s and leave your site without taking any other action. But, that does never mean that the transaction is over and you can’t convert these lost shoppers into customers. So what online business owners can do to ensure that these abandoners become loyal customers? Here are few things which an online site owner can do to convert these abandoners into sales.   1. Read More »
Product goes out of stock on ecommerce websites frequently, it’s a common problem. But, the way you treat this situation will determine whether you will lose sales or gain sales because of it.. You can use this opportunity to drive real revenue by simply giving people an option to be notified when that particular item is back in stock. Giving people this option will not only increase the chances of selling that specific product again to them, but it also gives you an opportunity to target them on the basis of their choices. Sending emails with similar suggestions and back in stock emails will increase the chance of people visiting your site again which in turn will boost your chances of selling to them again. Here are few emails which I received from Gilt. Read More »
Email marketing is one of the most effective form of online marketing. As per The Radicati Group research, “Business email will account for over 132 billion emails sent and received per day by the end of 2017.”The thing which make it so valuable and effective is that its permission based marketing. The people on your email list that is your recipients have given you the authority to send them messages. But, that does never mean that they want to receive mails from your side till eternity, as the preference of people keep on changing. Which make it essential that every email sent from your side gives recipients an option to remove themselves from your list and it should be as easy as it’s subscribing in your list.. Read More »