Product goes out of stock on ecommerce websites frequently, it’s a common problem. But, the way you treat this situation will determine whether you will lose sales or gain sales because of it.. You can use this opportunity to drive real revenue by simply giving people an option to be notified when that particular item is back in stock. Giving people this option will not only increase the chances of selling that specific product again to them, but it also gives you an opportunity to target them on the basis of their choices. Sending emails with similar suggestions and back in stock emails will increase the chance of people visiting your site again which in turn will boost your chances of selling to them again. Here are few emails which I received from Gilt. Read More »
Email marketing is one of the most effective form of online marketing. As per The Radicati Group research, “Business email will account for over 132 billion emails sent and received per day by the end of 2017.”The thing which make it so valuable and effective is that its permission based marketing. The people on your email list that is your recipients have given you the authority to send them messages. But, that does never mean that they want to receive mails from your side till eternity, as the preference of people keep on changing. Which make it essential that every email sent from your side gives recipients an option to remove themselves from your list and it should be as easy as it’s subscribing in your list.. Read More »
Research shows normally ecommerce  visitors don’t get converted in the very first visit. As per AdRoll, “On average, 98% of ecommerce shoppers leave without converting.” Whenever someone comes to your website and leaves it without purchasing you should be sending them an email, it is a good way to stay in touch with them and encourage them to come back to your site. The chances of these people buying from your site increase the more they interact with you. And, if you can bring them back to your site again and again you’re more likely to get a sale. Here are four types of emails which you can send to these lost customers to induce them to revisit your site.   1. Read More »
Email is an effective channel when it comes to reaching customers. Also, it’s an extremely effective tool to increase your sales. "Consumers who receive email marketing spend 83% more when shopping." But, now a days inbox has become a very competitive place so you need to be very creative to get it opened. To make your email stand out in the inbox it’s not necessary that you spend lot on email campaigns, but you can use some simple tweaks to make it look appealing to your audience. Here are examples of few brands who are doing it right and how you can use them as inspiration to design your own email campaigns..   1. Kiehl's Promotional Email Focuses on Customers Preferences All brands send promotional messages but this one is slightly different. Most of these types of messages are really nothing more than sales pitches. Read More »
Email marketing is the most effective way to reach your targeted audiences who have given you permission to be in touch. “35% of online revenue comes from email.” But not every email is designed in a manner that it can make an impact on the mind of recipients and push them to take an action. To make the email campaign effective marketers should closely observe the audience and consciously create an email copy keeping them in mind. Here are six secrets which when followed can increase the effectiveness as well as ROI of your email campaigns.   1. Use Relevant & Compelling Subject lines Your recipient needs to open the email in order to increase the likelihood that they’ll check your offer, click on a link or share your content. Read More »
An email newsletter is one of the most effective email marketing tools which when crafted well can help you in engaging your customer with great content and convert him into a loyal customer. Once a customer opts in to a newsletter, it shows up in their inbox until he chooses to unsubscribe, so its a great way to market your business.  According to a National Client Email Report" (2013), 68% of marketers agree e-newsletters are the top email messages which helps to achieve their business goals, up from 45% in 2011. They can be used to inform, educate, engage and inspire your audience. Given below is an example from that sports a clean layout, beautiful visuals and just the right amount of content. Let's analyze it further to learn how to create one of your own. Read More »
Email marketing continues to outperform as the most ROI-driven digital marketing strategies for online businesses. According to the Direct Marketing Association, Email has an ROI of around 4,300%. Besides it’s a relatively inexpensive and extremely effective tool to get in touch with your subscribers and bring them to your site to buy. That said, a wrong strategic approach can prove costly for your email campaigns; still many marketers are making few basic mistakes which if not corrected timely can ruin their email marketing efforts. Here is a list of four things which marketers should avoid to dissuade customers and generate more conversions.   1. Read More »
“Remember that the best campaigns aren’t about you or what you want subscribers to do. They’re about your subscribers and what they want.” Most retailers think about email marketing when they sell a product or service online, but they only think about promotional emails and newsletters when doing so. They forget that marketing emails isn't limited to promo emails, it has a huge potential which is mostly left untapped by marketers. So, the more you can stay in touch, the greater your chance of getting their attention and convert them into customers. Here are a few emails which the marketers are sending to their potential audience and customers to increase engagement and build relationship with them. 1. Read More »
Welcome email is a no brainer even for the new marketers and is the first email to be sent out in every email marketing campaign. It also has the highest open and click-through rates. But, the biggest mistake most of the marketers make is, not designing this most common email campaign to get extra conversions. The welcome email is your opportunity to make a great first impression on your subscriber and it should be designed to encourage the recipients to engage with your brand, set the stage for future emails and even make their first purchase.. Take a look at this email from It's a brilliant example of how to create a positive first touchpoint along with giving people a clear direction of what to do next. Read More »
Creating a loyal customer base is very important for every business as the cost of acquiring new customers, according to many surveys, runs five to six times more than the cost of retaining existing ones. Since you cannot meet your customers face to face, email is your best bet to engage your users. Sending emails to the ones who have already purchased from you or have subscribed to your site and have shown an interest in purchasing from you can definitely work. But, sending tons of emails to your customers or subscribers just to stay connected can backfire if not done properly. Your email campaign should be designed in a manner that they can help you in brand building and build trust with your audience.. Checkout these email loyalty campaigns to nurture your prospects & customers and drive them back to your site time and again. Read More »