The average shopping cart abandonment rate is 65.23%. If you run an ecommerce store, leaving these prospects untapped means leaving a lot of money on the table. Shopping cart abandonment email is a powerful tool to increase your conversions and profitability by encouraging these prospects to come back to your site and complete their order, but will serve the purpose only when designed effectively.
Email marketing is the most powerful marketing channel for driving sales besides increasing engagement & building brand loyalty. Not only that, it’s effective because it earns highest ROI too.  As per stats, “For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment”.
Most marketers spend lots of time focusing on acquiring new customers as compared to retaining the older ones. While acquiring new customers is very important for every business, smart marketers understand that retaining customers is even more important as it can drive your profit up exponentially. Stats say, "It’s 5 times more expensive to acquire new customers than it's to retain current ones.
With almost every brand doing email marketing, it’s tough enough for ecommerce retailers to encourage people to open their emails, forget about clicking and driving conversions from the same. But, with personalization you can help your emails stand out from the crowd and convert better. Your email campaigns stand a much greater chance for success with this approach.
Design plays a crucial role in determining whether people will read your email or will hit the trash button. If your design is not good, your email doesn’t get read. And with almost every brand doing email marketing, design has become even more important to make your email stand out in your customer's already crowded inbox.
Getting people to subscribe to your mailing list is tough, but keeping them on it is even tougher. Engaging your email subscribers is very crucial to keep them on the list. But not every email is crafted to increase customer engagement. So, here are four ways to make your email campaigns more interactive as well as improve your open & click-through rates too.   1.
Promotional emails are the most effective way to stay in touch with your audience and also encourage them to buy from you. But rather than abusing this medium, learn the secrets to make your promotional mails effective without being annoying. We have earlier shown you some great examples of promotional emails.