Welcome Emails
For SaaS companies, a free signup doesn't mean the subscriber is going to use the service and will ultimately convert. So, the main purpose of a welcome email is not to pitch right away but to keep the trial users and new customers engaged. Welcome emails generate 4 times the total open rates and five times the click rates compared to promotional emails. The welcome email should speak to the reader in a personalized tone, have a compelling subject line & copy, timely delivery, and a strong call-to-action.   Welcome Email Subject Lines 1. Welcome to [Company Name] 2. [Account Name], welcome to [Company Name]! 3. Get started with [Product Name] 4. Welcome to your [Product Name] free trial! 5. Welcome to [Product Name] - Getting Started   1. Read More »
One-size-fits-all marketing campaigns are a thing of the past now. Delivering personalized content to your audiences is considered as the top tactic to deliver relevant and engaging content. A study by Experian Marketing Services found that personalized emails generate six times higher transaction rates and revenue per email than non-personalized email. So, sending personalized email campaigns can make your customers all the more interested and can significantly increase your conversion rates and build brand loyalty. How to Personalize Your Emails You can send personalized emails based on the user's past actions, on-site behavior and purchasing patterns or simply by using the recipient's first name, last name in the subject line and body of the email. Read More »
An email campaign doesn't end with the sale. Post purchase emails play a vital role in the customer lifecycle and is a great way to keep in touch with your old customers to build a loyal customer base. The post purchase review emails are a great way to get feedback from your old customers and build brand loyalty by keeping your brand top of mind. Customer feedback not just adds credibility to your company but also helps in making your product pages standout and helps you to boost your search engine rankings. Today’s buyer is doing a lot of research online and is increasingly consulting product reviews when evaluating possible purchases, so inviting your customers to add a review of the products they have bought can be a game changer..   1. Read More »
  Win back emails are designed to encourage inactive users to visit your site again. These emails are sent to customers who've not done any purchase in last few weeks or months. Generally, win-back emails shows your customers that you care about them and you might even offer them a special discount to get back their business. For an ecommerce site designing an effective win back email is very crucial as acquiring a new customer costs substantially greater than retaining an old one. These emails are very effective in reengaging inactive users and increase revenue and profitability.   1. ebuyer win-back email with a creative copy The smart marketers at ebuyer have sent an email that appeals to the users by striking an emotional cord. Read More »
Abandoned carts are not always an opportunity lost; ecommerce sites have a chance to win back those lost customers by sending them an email offering a limited period offer, free gift or reduced prices to gently nudge them to finish their incomplete transaction. Here is a list of some of the fabulously executed abandoned cart email campaigns to get inspired.   1. Kate Spade Abandoned Cart Email Offers a Discount Off Next Purchase Kate Spade sends a reminder email to their customers that they’ve left an item without purchasing, and also included in a 15% discount coupon to stand out! The email also includes a direct link to the shopping cart besides including inks to some other products the customer might be interested in. Zoom   2. Read More »
The growth rate of e-commerce has been exponential. But now a days, savvy online shoppers are not only looking for product deals, but they are also looking for a seamless shopping experience; from searching a product to excellent checkout process. And even a single error in the process, can result in shopping cart abandonment.. While optimizing the website for shoppers it’s important for an ecommerce site to avoid these mistakes to improve its conversions as well as provide a rewarding shopping experience.. Read More »
Now days, email inboxes are like battlefields. "According to the Radicati Group, the average number of emails sent and received per user per day is 115. That breaks down to 78 emails received and 37 emails sent." After this, getting them to subscribe for your email newsletter seems to be a real hard nut to crack. Apart from creating value added content, the second most important thing you need to do is to create a very impactful subscription form to build your email list. There are basically three important aspects of a subscription form: form copy, design and positioning of it. We have earlier talked about the positioning of the subscription form to get more people to signup. Here we will talk about the form content copy. There is no one solution to give the best results to all. Read More »
The holiday season is in full swing and so is the ecommerce spending. This is a global trend and Indian ecommerce scenario is no exception to this. According to Nikhil Rungta, CBO of Yebhi, “……during festive season numbers go up by 30-40% for that period”. With Christmas and year-end round the corner, here are some useful tricks and tips to leverage your holiday sales this year. Decorate Your E-commerce Store Front To set the right mood for the approaching holiday season, decorate your site as you do to your homes and your brick and mortar stores. You can do multiple things to liven up your e-store and spread the Christmas spirit: Change your site background theme with Christmas related graphics Use festive colors like red, white, golden, sky blue etc. Read More »
  Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques for the businesses. According to a study by ExactTarget, 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email. Emails works best in communicating and engaging both targeted as well as current customers. Not just that, it requires comparatively less investment and yields a very high ROI. To go by the stats, "For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment." But for emails to out perform, your customers need to open the mail first. In 2012, "144 billion emails were sent per day during the year" which experienced 19.7% open rate on an average. Though this is not the case with every one, companies have seen an open rate as high as 44% too. Read More »
We are very excited and proud to announce the launch of Amplify Connect. A simple solution that will completely change the way you engage with your visitors. People want to connect with real people and not brands. Brands are not people but brands are made by people. So why not use a real person from your company to represent your brand. Amplify Connect helps you present a human face to your users. This encourages users to engage with you. It is an ice breaker between you and your site visitors. Read More »