Is the Design of your Product Page Killing Your Conversion?

For every ecommerce site, the product page is the most important piece of real estate. Though the goal of every ecommerce site is to increase conversions, the main aim of a well-designed product page is to entice the visitor and enable him to take the buying decision by providing him with a wealth of product information.

Online shoppers are generally more skeptical; to convert them into buyers you need to provide rich product information and a superior shopping experience to motivate him to buy from you. Not only that, you have to reassure your prospects that shopping with you is completely safe and secure, and they can trust you with their details. Design of the product pages play a crucial role in the whole conversion process. These pages are actually the ‘moments of truth’ for your business.

Keep the Design Clean

Many a times, you see sites with good products and offerings, but due to a cluttered design you don’t feel like spending time on it. If a product has too many distractions, it will ultimately lead to a confused user and an abandoned shopping cart . This majorly happens with an over-optimised design page featuring too many elements.

Follow the KISS design principle and keep the product description page neat and clean, with all the necessary information placed in the right section, with best possible alignment. Not only that, the font size, color and text alignments needs to be right to improve the virtual feel of the product.

Design Tips

  • Keep the navigation structure clear and concise.Too many tabs will make the page seem cluttered. You can follow a hierarchy pattern to get the maximum eyeballs on a particular element.
  • You can also use a lot of white space as Victoria’s Secret have done. It’s quite pleasant to the eyes, as well as, it will be easier for your customers to take buying decision without getting distracted.

Use High Resolution Images

If one thing that was amiss in the online shopping experience it was not being able to see it in real. Visual imageries play a critical role in fulfilling this criterion. No doubt, product images is the most important element which drives a customer’s buying decision. It’s a known fact, that images attract more attention than text and most of the other elements. So, it’s very important to have high resolution product images to showcase your products in their highest glory.

Visual Design Tips

  • The product images should be zoomable for a better, bigger, clearer and closer view
  • The product should have alternate views, taken from different angles
  • If there are color options, include product images in differetn colors
  • A 360 degree view of a product is also desirable for certain products
  • A contextual product image is important for a better user experience as they can easily relate to it

Remember, that clear product images help in influencing buyer’s decision, but the main image is the most important of all, as this is what captures his eye first and is vital in deciding the fate of a product.

Tip: Keep the images well optimized for online use, otherwise it may increase the whole site’ loading time making it slow and will become a conversion killer.

Display Product Reviews

Consumer reviews are one of the most important sales driver. Product reviews and testimonials works as a huge confidence builder, and a major enabler in a buyer’s decision process. As per stats, “63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site which has user reviews”. Customers are more likely to trust user generated content than that of the manufacturers and producers. It has also been seen that “reviews produce an average 18% uplift in sales.”

You can show the reviews through different icons in the very first fold with other important product information like price, stock details etc. Review ratings such as stars, percentages are widely used to show consumer reviews. But, you should also display reviews prominently. You can show it in many ways, like, you can use pop up box on mouse hover as Amazon does. You can also display reviews and its parameters in detail in the second fold of the page.

Make Your Call to Action Buttons Prominent and Persuasive

Your Call to action buttons should be clearly designed so that its impossible to miss one. Besides your call to action buttons should be uniform throughout the sit to avoid any confusion. Like, you may have ‘Buy Now’, ‘Add to Cart’, ‘Add to Shopping Cart’ etc. as your CTA labels, but you have to decide upon one single message, you can’t create confusion by using different messages for a single ‘call to action’ button. Also make sure all the ‘call to action’ are buttons, text links or any other non conventional design is an absolute no no, as the ecommerce users are very much conditioned with a ‘buttoned’ interface and experimenting with this will be absolutely a bad idea.

Your button designs needs to be persuasive and consistent in design. It’s always preferable to use bright, contrast color for the buttons, which will invariably stand out on the page.

Use Product Videos to Gain Higher Customer Confidence 

Virtual shopping misses the physical experience and the joy of experiencing a product in real. Contextual images help a lot in decision making, but chances are your customer isn’t completely satisfied and the chances of higher product return remains. This is why the product videos play a major role in providing a virtual product experience which helps in making better purchase decisions. “57% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions.”

Product videos not only limit the chance of return but also helps in persuasion. Take an example of make-up products, if there is a product video that depicts how to apply it and show the post application results in a video, it will definitely increase the chance of conversion. Videos help a lot in persuasion.

Zappos is a great example in this context. It found almost 6%-30% increase in conversion in the products with a video. There are many more sites where video worked as a conversion booster.

Show Recommended and Suggested Products

Recommendations is very crucial in cross selling. Amazon started this trend and its been a standard for every ecommerce site to help drive more sales. There should be a recommended products section on each product description page. You can place them at the bottom of the product page or in the right hand side of the page. Everybody loves more options. Even if they don’t purchase any of those products, they can still do a comparison with the other relevant products featured on the page.

BustedTees and Victoria’s Secret for example, does a great job with product recommendations.

Your product page is your point of purchase. And if it isn’t designed right, your business is at the risk of failing. There are a lot many things you can do to improve your user experience, a ‘Continue to Shop ‘ option, easy check out, comparison analysis, but always keep in mind that what has worked for any other ecommerce site might not work for you. It should go with your business type and common practices.

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