Promotional Emails in Different Flavors Part 4

Promotional emails are the staple of email marketing. Every email marketer knows that promotional emails are a great way to reach their audience and encourage them to buy, without spending a lot of money. But, to get the desired results from these email campaigns, it’s very important that you pay close attention to everything from subject line, to tone of the copy, to design basics. Here are five great examples of promotional emails from online businesses who know their stuff. Check them for inspiration and see what you can learn from them.

1. Use Conversational Tone in Your Promotional Email like Mulberry

Promotional Emails


Subject line: Are you ready?

This email above from Mulberry caught my eye with its subject line. And once I opened it, it captured my attention with its beautiful imagery and minimalist approach. I love their straightforward and conversational tone, “Which one will you choose?”

Also, they’ve used a fairly simple GIF to showcase their whole collection in small space. All the images in this email are clickable to encourage the recipient to explore further. Nicely done!


2. Use a Creative Subject Line like Madewell

Promotional Emails

Subject line: When opportunity knocks…

Preheader: …you answer, of course.

Madewell email is a great example of how a creative subject line can encourage people to open the email. Other than that, the preheader of this email ties nicely with the subject line and piqued my curiosity and gave me one more reason to open it.

The email is clean and clear in design with bright, intriguing imagery, and a simple and straightforward message.


3. Use a Quirky Preheader like Nordstrom

Promotional Emails

Subject line: Our Top 5 Holiday Fashion Picks

I received this email from Nordstrom with the preheader “Because you can’t wait around for Santa to get you everything!” I absolutely loved it because of the pun in it. The other thing which I liked about this email is that it comes just in time (On 23rd November) for holiday season when many of their customers will be thinking about the holiday dressing, and which is why I opened it. After reading the subject line and snippet, I decided to open it and totally loved it. I like the way they’ve used the content as it doesn’t overwhelm me with too much text, but at the same time, gave me enough reason to scroll down.


4. Use Intriguing Subject Line like Clinique

Promotional Emails

Subject line: A dazzling dance of color, on point.

I like it when brands use an unusual subject line, and that’s what encouraged me to open this email. The moment I opened it I was spellbound by the great colors and imagery, which entices me to click and buy something instantly. Well done!


5. Be Direct With Your Subject Line like Honest Company

Promotional Emails

Subject line: Need A Helping Hand for the Holidays?

I liked this email because of its direct approach, and who doesn’t like receiving a helping hand for holidays. The email is clean and airy in design and includes clear CTAs, so the subscriber knows exactly where to click.


Instead of annoying your subscriber base by sending those same stale emails with different products, get creative! Promotional emails are looked down upon by subscribers for there are a whole lot of email marketers who are over exploiting these ROI drivers by choosing quantity over quality, a poor design and targeting everyone with the same promotional offer. Not every promotional email has to do the hard selling, but these emails also give you an opportunity to get your brand name across every time.



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